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Best K-Drama of the Year! The love record of the hot couple "Our Beloved Summer"

1.Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Min-a Yang,Kim Sun-Ho,romantic, love, handsome, beautiful,couple

Hong Do-Sik past haunting him back and he is now forced to tell what happened to him before coming to Gongjin.

The whole drama is fresh and full of warmth. The story takes place in Gongchen, a seaside town with pleasant scenery. The male protagonist has a sunny smile and a warm heart to help others. Even if he is handsome, he is also enthusiastic, capable and smart, which is a perfect character design. The heroine, from the beginning with the big city's dislike and incompatibility with the countryside, to her love and willingness to serve this seaside town, has also experienced a lot of misunderstandings, reconciliation, tolerance and understanding. The two gradually develop love in their daily interactions, which is funny and romantic.

2.Our Beloved Summer

Woo-sik Choi,Da-mi Kim,romantic, love, handsome, beautiful, couple

Teenage Love Video Got Leaked!Story of broke up couple that re-unite because of their leaked video when they are together!

At the beginning of the story, the high school life of the two protagonists was recorded in the form of a documentary. Girls are the first in the grade, while boys are the last in the grade. The two dislike each other and help each other. In the documentary, there are still two people's imagination about ten years later, but after ten years, the girls are not as smooth as they think, but the boys have become famous illustrators. After the documentary became popular on the Internet, the two got together again, and it has been five years since the two broke up. Because of the re-shooting of the documentary, the two started a romantic relationship again.

3.Now, We’re Breaking Up

Hye-kyo Song,Jang Ki-yong,romantic, love, handsome, beautiful, couple

Ha Young-Eun, successful fashion designer fell in love with mere photographer Yoon Jae-Guk. Will it be happily ever after?

The drama is based on the different life experiences of three close 40-year-old friends: the love between an intellectually mature female costume designer and her boyfriend, because they could not be accepted by the two families, they decided to fall in love well before breaking up. The rich girl finally got rid of the curse of being broken up and found true love. And a stay-at-home mom with cancer, a dying life of a strong farewell to her family. There are also interspersed with the divorce between the heroine's parents and the office romance of the rich girl's younger brother. The story is still very attractive.


on Eon Jin,friendship, romance, love

Romantic story of three best friends Son Ye-jin, Jeon Mi-do, and Jang Joo-hee who are brought together by an accident!

Three 39-year-old female friends, the life insights when they are about to turn 40. The point of this show is the long-lasting friendship between women, which can be stronger than the love between men and women. Of course, in addition to friendship, there are three women's love. The first episode staged a romantic one-night stand, explaining the incestuous love of the best friend and the brother-in-law love with Xiao Xianrou, but the ordinary and warm life will soon have a major turning point, and they have also arrived with their beloved ones. Facing the age of life and death, the follow-up development is also exciting.