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[Top Episodes]Really good at playing! The super-large-scale passion of the male boss and female secretary of "High Society"!

Tsundere, social, ugly, erotic, lustful

《 High Society》

Soo Ae's acting skills are more exquisite, and Park Hae Il is still playing steadily. Whether it is Professor Zhang's secretary, the chairman's secretary, or Director Li's lawyer, they all bring out the ugliness and greed of reality. Everyone actually makes fun of the erotic part! What is our "upper society" like in a society where we go out early and go back to work hard every day, and how is it exploiting us. Isn't this so-called "high society" really happening around us?


memory, destiny, anchor, star, love

《Memoirs of a Man》

A man suffering from excess memory syndrome meets a woman who always forgets all unpleasantness, and two people who have also experienced pain, such a fateful encounter. The male protagonist, Lee Jung Hoon, is an anchor who can remember every minute and every second and has a super memory. The female protagonist Ru and Zhen, a female star who lost her relevant memories because of the death of her best friend. The male protagonist and the female protagonist have gone to two extremes. The top female star and the poisonous-tongue anchor start a mysterious love!


Trauma, height difference, office romance, couples

《The Secret Life of My Secretary 》

As long as you have seen it once, you will never forget it. Du Minyi, who has terrible eyesight, suffered from face blindness due to an unexpected accident. Although he had severe brain damage that even his family could not recognize, the only secretary who could recognize him was Zheng Ge. Xi, and had a magical relationship with her. The heroine Qin Jizhou is 170cm tall. Therefore, Kim Young Kwang showed a heart-pounding perfect height gap in the double shot. The loving faces of the two also look very similar, and they are simply "garlic couples"!

christmas, winter, japanese style, love, village

《When the Weather Is Fine》

"There is only one good reason for winter to come. The leaves that used to block my window fall, and I can see your window opposite. Christmas is coming, Spring Festival is approaching, and you will return to this village." So warm, so healing, so fond of it! Min Young's drama never disappoints! In the style of Japanese drama, the male protagonist has gained a lot of weight, maybe in order to be more in line with the steady, decades-long admiration for this kind of character?