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The High-Scoring Drama "L'amica geniale" - A Scaled and Deeper History Of Women's Growth

1.L'amica geniale Season 3female friendship sex education reality

From Elena Ferrante's best-selling novels, this season will show their lives hat taken wild divergent paths during early adulthood.

Based on the famous Italian writer Elena Ferrante's novel of the same name, this drama retains its literary qualities while bringing other things to the screen in a moving and effective way. The protagonists of the play are two girls who have been living in a small town full of violence, poverty and ignorance - the old town of Naples since childhood. It's common for neighbors to yell at each other, and violence fills the streets. It's like an abyss of hell, and there's no hope at all. So the two little girls wanted to escape this kind of life since they were young. Although they were from ordinary backgrounds, they both had a heart that yearned for a bright future. As time passed, they both reached puberty, one was arranged to marry a wealthy local businessman, while the other continued to study just to escape the dark old neighborhood. In this oppressive and uncertain 1970s, how will the fate of the two girls develop?

2.Harlemfemale friendship sex education reality

Four African besties proving themselves that they can dominate the men in the city of dream. Best comedy in town is here!
"Black version of "Sex and the City"", the life of four female friends with different personalities in the metropolis. The story is about love, career, and family, but the most important thing is the friendship of the four of them. The name of the play is Harlem, and the protagonists are all Africans. Of course, the characteristics are very distinctive. Therefore, in addition to being a typical urban female work, the play also explores the unique predicaments in the lives of many African-American women. There are successful professional women and those who have a messy life. They come from different backgrounds and face different problems, but they are always good friends who support each other and help each other.
3.The Sex Lives of College Girlsfemale friendship sex education reality
Four sexually active college girls are looking for something more than casual hook-ups! Who would know college can be so much fun?!
The youthful body, the youthful love, the first taste of freedom and loneliness, the national conditions are different, but the troubles of female college students have something in common. The girls in the play love beauty and beauty, love parties, love and fashion, but no one is chasing A4 waist and top of the head, they will look silly and fragile, not sober and self-disciplined, but we don't have to do it for " Become "throw away growth. The overall style is actually a kind of relaxed and pleasant campus comedy, and the topics discussed are basically told in a relaxed and funny atmosphere. Those who like to watch American school comedy will definitely fall in love with it.
4.Pretty Little Liars
female friendship sex education reality
The end of five bestfriends who are trying to save Hanna from "Uber A" who has been threatening to reveal their secret.
A youth idol TV series based on the teenage novel of the same name by female writer Sara Shepard. Beneath the quiet exterior of Rosewood Town hides many secrets. Three years ago, four of the most beautiful girls in town - Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily's friend and the school's most popular girl, Alison, suddenly disappeared. The four vowed to keep it a secret but their relationship drifted apart. Three years later, the four received a text message from the mysterious person A, knowing that they had been hiding a secret for a long time that only Alison knew. Thought that A was Alison, but the police found her body in Alison's backyard, the mysterious A is always a mystery.