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[Top Episodes] "A Teacher" The teacher and the student stage a taboo teacher-student love!

Romance / Science Fiction / Mystery

《The day you and the world end》

Hiroyuki Mamiya is an auto mechanic, and he and his lover have been dating since high school. Hibiki Mamiya suffered an accident and was trapped in the tunnel for four days. When he escapes from the tunnel, the world turns out to be like the end of the world: the streets are empty, the traffic system is paralyzed, the signals are cut off, and the streets are covered in blood, so Mamiya Hiroyuki is determined to find his lover.After successfully exiting the tunnel, Hibiki is in a new world. Will she meet hislgirlfried before all this happens? Watch now!


comedy / romance
《Love Hard 》

A LA girl who's always unlucky in her relationship falls in love with an East Coast guy she meets on a dating app and decides to go give him a holiday surprise, only to find out she's been scammed!Natalie finally going to meet the sexy guy she's been talking in dating app but he's actually not real! How will her love journey ends? Watch now!

Drama / Romance

《A Teacher》

A forbidden love affair between young teacher Claire. Married Claire is dissatisfied with her marriage and wants to find someone who matches her heart. When Eric reveals his love for her, the two develop an illegal teacher-student relationship in Texas. As this relationship came to light, the permanent damage it caused made it difficult for them and their family and friends to ignore the impact!Claire Wilson, a high school teacher fell in love with her student and things getting tricky. End your weekend with this romantic drama!

Drama / Romance

《Romance Doll 》

Tetsuo, a craftsman who made inflatable dolls, fell in love with Sonoko at first sight and got married. He concealed his true work and made a living, but his over-enthusiasm in making inflatable dolls caused a crisis in the relationship between husband and wife. Under such circumstances, Sonoko confessed to Tetsuo the secret he held in his heart...A Japanese sex doll-making artist fell in love with one of the models behind his dolls, Sonoko. Click here to see their marriage story!