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The forbidden love between a rebellious teenager and a femme fatale“Queen of Hearts“

1.The World Of The Married

forbidden love ethics eroticism large-scale Affair So-hee Han Hee-ae Kim

The success of a doctor failed to make her husband stay in love and start to go for another younger woman.

This drama mainly tells about the heroine's husband who betrayed the heroine and fell in love with others, but in the end he found out that although he had cheated, he still loved the heroine the most. The heroine lived between revenge and pain. As the plot deepens, the once-perfect family is fragmented, and the "loving" couple is caught in a whirlpool of revenge. Since the show was launched in South Korea, it has not only been rated as "the most topical TV drama" for 6 consecutive weeks, but also the main plots of the drama such as "derailment", "divorce", "revenge" and "domestic violence" have also caused heated discussions on social media. The ratings are even more popular because of the ups and downs of the plot.

2.Queen of Hearts

forbidden love ethics eroticism large-scale Affair

Anne welcoming her stepson Gustav into her house. But love slowly arises between the two, what will happen?

The film tells the story of a "stepmother and stepson tasting the forbidden fruit" and is a large-scale ethical film. In the forbearance and implicit conflict, the film exposes the hypocrisy of human nature under the cover of gorgeous appearance. There is no clear timeline in the film, and there is no intense conflict. The director is slowly laying out a series of sensitive elements—taboos, rebellious teenagers, scorpion stepmothers, turning enemies into enemies, etc. Things that shouldn't have happened have happened again and again, the peaceful family relationship has been broken, elite women have turned into indirect murderers, and the fireworks have turned into garbage.

3.Secret Love Affair

forbidden love ethics eroticism large-scale Affair Ah-in Yoo Hee-ae Kim

Oh Hye-Won (Kim Hee-Ae), a woman in her 40s, and Lee Sun-Jae (Yoo Ah-In), a man in their 20s commit a dangerous affair.

This drama tells the story between the planning director of an art foundation and a talented pianist who only care about immediate interests in pursuit of success. It depicts the taboo but fascinating love story of a 40-year-old woman and a 20-year-old boy. This love is also an ethical love, because the heroine was not divorced at the time and had her own husband. This fox-like woman with all kinds of facets is usually surrounded by various characters in the consortium, and she is just an empty person after taking off her delicate skin. Her husband is a person who does not understand emotions, only has the utility of the music field in his heart, and cherishes feathers more than art. The male protagonist burns her like a fire, he has infinite vitality, and his boldness and fiery make the female protagonist feel love.

4.A Man and a Woman

forbidden love ethics eroticism large-scale Affair Yoo Gong

The scandal of two married people starred by Gong Yoo & Jeon Do-yeon. Stay in love even though it's wrong?

The film tells the story of a middle-aged man and woman who indulge in a forbidden love after meeting in a foreign country. The heroine is the president of a company and an elite in the workplace, but her life is a mess. Facing a child with autism, her heart is anxious; facing her husband's dereliction of duty, her heart is empty. At this time, the hero gave him the warmth of love. She tries to release her stress through sex.