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"Doctor Prisoner", which controls life and death, teaches the second generation of barbarians how to behave!

Mystery / Crime / Fantasy

《 Missing: They Were There》

A suspense drama with ghosts, the most terrifying characters and scenes have nothing to do with ghosts. The ghosts in the play are young people who revolted with blood, the aunt next door, the righteous criminal police uncle, the kind and simple children, etc... They live in a comfortable and beautiful village, with flowers blooming all over the mountains and fields, warm and healing. On the contrary, living people can beat evil spirits with fists to the flesh, or defraud their relatives, so that these people will be heartbroken even if they die.

drama, suspense, love


Revolving around the story of how prosecutor Park Jung-woo was distorted and framed and sentenced to death in prison - how to clear his name, Cha Sun-ho said that if he was not subject to the tyranny of his parents, he would not have become farther and farther away from the good footsteps. Yan Kijun and Ji Sheng are each other's opponents. They sparked sparks with their superb acting skills, adding the most thrilling stroke to the whole drama.

drama / suspense


If the truth is cruel, are you still willing to seek the truth? The four characters in the play responded in the affirmative. Heart transplants, serial killings, the rich and powerful, and those in the know are silenced one by one. However, the screenwriter was able to use a lawyer to connect all the memes, and also used the principle of "neither matter" as an introduction. At first, people mistakenly thought that this was a drama that explored legal principles. When I came in, I realized that this was a story about finding the truth.

drama, prison, doctor, suspense

《 Dr.Prisoner》

When it comes to prisons, we always stay away. Gloomy walls, confinement prisoners, dark hearts. But there are still people who want to "go to prison" with great effort. Because his goal is revenge! The identity of Han Kwang's character is revealed and the wits of Lee Jae-joon and Dr. Luo are brought to a climax. The sub-line serves the main line well, and the flashbacks and reversals make Dr. Luo's revenge more dramatic.