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"Move to Heaven" takes you to understand the little-known special occupation!

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《 Black Dog》

This is a reflective workplace drama that focuses on the profession of high school teachers, and truly expresses and exposes the story behind this profession. The non-editing and editing, the hostility between the various departments of the teacher group, the ubiquitous political trade-offs, the cooperation of new and old teachers, and the details and skillful reflection of the working life of this profession. Faced with the troubles and difficulties that come from inoculation one by one, how to solve it?

workplace, plot, love, growth

《Search: WWW》

Three women in the workplace with their own characteristics gathered together, not only did the plot climax one after another, but also brought changing styles of workplace makeup and hair to the girls who were following the drama! The three Korean national actresses, Lin Xiujing, Li Daxi, and Quan Huizhen, have gathered in one play at the same time. While competing with each other, they also let us see the other side of them. What will happen between these three women in the workplace? What about sparks?


drama, death, relic, funeral, occupation

《Move to Heaven》

The story looks at life and death from the perspective of a special professional "relic organizer". "My work begins when someone dies."Under normal circumstances, the relics of the deceased will be sorted out by the family, and most of the people who need a "relic organizer" are people who do not belong, are not loved, and are lonely... This drama focuses on issues that should arouse social care , such as lonely death, the belonging of abandoned infants, dating violence, etc., through the "relics" of these poor people, restore their final life journey.

Drama, Politics, Judges, Workplace

《Chief of Staff》

This is the beginning" "You have to become more famous, this is you Jang Tae Joon" ~ Shin Min Ah, who plays a ruthless character, is as capable and handsome as her short hair, and Lee Jung Jae returned to the TV series after ten years, which is a game of power and ambition. The tight plot is like a movie production. I always recall the battle between darkness and light in the new world