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"The Last Duel" shatters your fancy fantasy of medieval knights

1.The Last Duel

Feminism Courage Revenge Sexual Assault

Sir Jean's wisdom is put to the test when his wife swears that Jacques abused her and caused the nation to split.

This film is adapted from the real history of France. On the surface, it tells the story of a famous French duel trial in the 18th century, but in fact countless details reveal the emotional entanglement between a woman and two men, indicting the traditional The destruction of women by etiquette and institutions, the indifference and play of traditional male thinking on women. Through a narrative similar to "Rashomon", the story is told from the perspective of three main characters: the rude "hypocrite" knight, the seductive "real villain" gentleman, and the awakened "oppressed" woman. Everything stems from a male narrative perspective with false egos.


Feminism Courage Kristen Stewart Diana

Epic show of how mentally-illed Princess Diana (played by awesome 'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart) end her career in tragic.

The film takes a unique look at Diana's work, including the pressures of her royal life. Although it focuses on Princess Diana, an image of great significance in both public and historical perspectives, it is by no means a biography in the general sense, but an allegory extracted from a real historical tragedy. After already knowing the entanglement between Princess Di and the royal family, and the earth-shattering tragic ending at the end of the century, look back at the three scenes described in "Spencer" that appear calm on the surface, but secretly determine the direction of history. In winter, we may feel a lot of fateful feelings outside of movies.


Feminism Courage Les Revenge Chaebol K-Dramas

The conglomerate in South Korea, Hyowon Group jealousy. Lay your hands on me then you are mine!

This drama revolves around the lives of the daughters-in-law of the two chaebol families. On the surface, they look bright, but in fact they live in secrets and lies. One is a rich daughter born in a chaebol family, and has been educated in art since childhood. But she kept the secret that she was gay. A former well-known actress who fell in love with the rich second generation of the chaebol, gave up her acting career as an actress and became the daughter-in-law of a wealthy family. .

4.Emily in Paris

Female Fashion Lily Collins Workplace struggle

This second season will present various sides of the City of Paris, which is not far from romantic love life of Emily.

It's a fashion drama set in the fashion world and filled with tons of gorgeous fashions. As an American girl, Emily was able to travel to Paris, the fashion capital of her dreams, to oversee the social media strategy of a luxury marketing company. She is responsible for improving the social media strategy of her marketing company and dealing with various figures in the fashion industry; while running her own social media, she has gradually become a well-known local Internet celebrity, and she has also talked about a few vigorous romances.