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The most gentleman gangster is back! High-scoring British drama "Peaky Blinders"

1.Love You as the World Ends

Zombie Doomsday Thriller Gore Japan

Watch how Kurumi Ogasawara who is pregnant and infected with the Golem virus be saved after taken by a mysterious man!

The male protagonist is an auto mechanic, and he and his lover have been dating since high school. One day, the male protagonist suffered an accident and was trapped in the tunnel for four days. When he escaped from the tunnel, the world turned out to be like the end of the world: the streets were empty, the traffic system was paralyzed, the signal was interrupted, and the streets were covered with blood, so the male protagonist was determined to find his lover. This is a zombie movie with an attractive apocalyptic theme and a thrilling plot.

2.Peaky Blinders

Gangster Gentleman Classic violent action

Stronger enemies are coming to end Thomas Shelby's family!

From the first season in 2013 to the last season, it has never disappointed as a gangster-themed masterpiece. It can even be compared with the most classic gangster movie series "The Godfather". The series tells the story of the Shelby, a legendary gangster family in the post-war Birmingham area. There is an unwritten rule in the family to sew razor blades between the brim of their hats, which is how the Razor Party got its name. They are well-dressed and wear exquisite suits and leather shoes. In the play, they were even photographed as if they were sports men walking on the runway. Although it seems to be a very fashionable gangster, it is a violent gangster group that is doing all kinds of shameful things behind the scenes, and the gorgeous appearance can't hide it.

3.Fistful of Vengeance

Violent Action Adventure Oriental Aesthetics

International fighters on a mission to save the world from an ancient threat in Bangkok!

The film follows Akai, an assassin with superpowers, who tracks a killer to Bangkok, where a revenge mission turns into a battle to save the world from an ancient threat. The film is dominated by oriental mysticism and is magical throughout. From the owner of the disco to sucking people's energy, turning people into zombies, to the emergence of people who control others, they are all showing mysterious magic. In order to find the murderer of Akai's sister, the protagonists Akai and Lu Xin tracked the gangsters to Bangkok. The film is a remake of the American drama "Five Elements Assassin". The action scenes are thrilling and exciting. The soundtrack and action rhythm are very good, and the overall arrangement is contaminated with the action aesthetic of Hong Kong films in the 1990s.


horror thriller classic scalp tingling youth suspense

The long face mask killer is back to haunt more people related to the original killing. Dare to watch?

In 1996, the thriller horror film "Scream" suddenly emerged. The youth film can not only have hormones, but also add elements of suspense and horror, and a series of films came into being. The rhythm of the whole film is well controlled. The film has never gotten rid of the serial killing routine of perverted killers, but while using the horror film mode, new modes are constantly added. As a classic horror film series, the subsequent sequels are not as good as the first classic, but the familiar formula has not changed, especially the heroine has always been there and never died, so 26 years later, this film series also Become a "nostalgic" must-have.