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A Secret And Forbidden One-night Stand Between Two Women "Room in Rome"


Affair Forbidden Love Infidelity  Lust Unfaithful Sex

Connie loses the desire to make love to her husband after meeting Paul and continues to have an affair with him.

The heroine in the movie has a wealthy family, and her husband has a well-paid job, so she becomes a full-time wife. Husbands are loyal to their families and wives, make occasional romantic surprises, and take care of children together. It all looked so happy and beautiful. The appearance of a young and handsome man destroyed this warm family. The heroine involuntarily fell in love with this young body. Secret extramarital affair finally discovered by husband...  


Affair Forbidden Love Infidelity  Lust Unfaithful Sex Officer

The affair of two husband and wife during the Vietnam war, is it possible for love to disappear in an instant when you see beauty?

The film takes the Vietnam War period as the background, and tells the story of the male protagonist who is a colonel and his subordinate's wife falling in love in the army with strict relationship between superiors and inferiors. When the officers' wives were condoling to the wounded, one of the wounded almost injured the male protagonist's wife. In an instant, the female protagonist pushed his wife away and made herself a hostage. It is precisely because of this that a forbidden love begins.

3.Sex Appeal

youth campus childhood sweetheart sexual enlightenment

Avery using his best friend Larson to train for sex as her long-distance boyfriend asking for more of her, what kinky things will happen?

This is a film that explores new content within the framework of American teen films. And it is a youth comedy film directed by a woman and led by a female mind. The discussion of sexuality is not limited to explicit lines or behavioral cues, but the sensory process and orgasm are depicted vividly and interestingly. The story angle and discussion are unique, and the depiction of adolescence sexual initiation is also interesting.

4.Room in Rome

lust extramarital affair forbidden love GL

Two women stuck in hotel room and started to get intimate with each other. This film have such a deep meaning in it,Top Dramas on Loklok

The story begins with the encounter of two girls. Alba, a Spanish mother with two children, and Natasha, a Russian girl who is about to get married, met on an early summer evening in ancient Rome. On this night, let these two women full of secrets completely remove their disguise from physical to psychological, and give all of themselves to each other. From first acquaintance to acquaintance, from vigilance to indulgence, from concealment to relief, in just these 12 hours, it seems that they have exhausted their life's luck and lived their whole life. This life is actually more like a life. dream. There are no complicated and redundant shots throughout the film. Almost all of them are close-up shots of Natasha and Alba. The eyes of the two people hide their own secrets, but they are full of curiosity and sensibility for each other.