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The family takes turns being possessed by demons! Korean horror movie "Byeonshin"

1.All of Us Are Dead

Zombie Campus Escape Closed Horror Bloody Violence

Korean high school is infected with a zombie virus and many students are trapped inside. Top Dramas on Loklok

This is a zombie-themed online drama. The film combines a series of realistic factors such as school violence, social darkness, and degeneration of human nature. Starting from multiple school violence incidents, it tells the story of Zhenxiu, who was deeply injured by school violence and transformed into a violent incident. Zombies, and that's because of his father, who is a science teacher. He wanted to bring his injured son back to life, but he accidentally created a zombie virus. Aside from the horrific plot and gore, there's a warm part to the show. The protagonists sit down to discuss countermeasures, quarrels in the process, dissatisfaction, mutual suspicion and betrayal, care to the end, friendliness, and even sacrifice. Starting with "school violence", the final ending takes the love and emotion between people as the answer to this question.

2.The Act

Family Crime Murder Cruel Real

Excessive love of a mother who continues to use her daughter to get money, and finally retaliated with his daughter's revenge.

This drama tells the story of a mother and daughter who love each other and kill each other. The mother controls her daughter's body and mind with morbid love, and finally the broken daughter kills her mother. This is not a perverted story compiled for the attention of bloggers, but based on real events. The mother's absolute control over her daughter physically and mentally has led her to become an impregnable wall between her daughter and the world. When her daughter begins to yearn to participate in the outside world, she believes that only by breaking this wall can she get everything she wants. , so he killed his mother and removed the "obstacle" that imprisoned her.

3.Parasyte: Part 1

Parasite thriller comic adaptation

If 99% of mankind were wiped out, would 99% of the earth's destruction be reduced? Curious what will finish the humans?

The male protagonist is a human being parasitized by parasites. The parasitic creature "MIGI" in his body did not eat his brain, but replaced his right hand. For the future of the relatives and friends killed by the parasitic beast and the future of all human beings, the male protagonist started a series of desperate struggles with other parasitic beasts. This is a scalp-numbing horror movie, not because of how scary the scenes are, but because the violent and bloody scenes are unacceptable. Every movie has its corresponding theme color, and this movie is no exception. It shows the greatness and tenderness of mother's love under the absurd plot, and calls for the protection of the ecological environment by human beings by giving the audience a terrifying image impact. A very educational play.


Demon Possessed Horror Thriller Gore

The Korean version of "The Medium"! The devil is possessed, the blood is overflowing, and the Korean priest is here to catch the ghost again!

The story is about a priest who inadvertently caused a girl to commit suicide during an exorcism. After the girl committed suicide, she also turned into a demon, changed into a human form and hid in a family, and wanted to take revenge on the priest. Family members affected by demons behave bizarrely, almost insane. The usually kind father becomes strange at night. He will stare at his daughter wretchedly when he is asleep, the gentle mother will become manic and lose his temper at the child, and the younger sister will be weird in the elder sister's bath. When I appeared, I told my sister that my brother was too annoying, and it would be nice if they disappeared. The head of the family, who noticed the strangeness, wanted to save his family with the priest. The whole movie keeps building an atmosphere of depressing horror, because you don't know who's going to be the devil incarnate at some point.