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The Hilarious Romance Of One Person And One Ghost The Fantasy K-drama "Ghost Doctor"

1.Ghost Doctor

Fantasy Ghost Possess Bromance  Rain Beom Kim Doctor

Rain and Kim Bum's newest fantasy drama, which tells the story of two doctors with opposite characters.

It tells the story of a arrogant genius doctor with superb medical skills played by Rain. When he encounters a rookie doctor who has professor-level theoretical knowledge, but can't bear to look at it in practice, the two of them have completely different life backgrounds, personalities and temperaments. The two competed against each other. Because of "accidental possession", the two doctors began to share the same body to perform difficult operations on the patient again and again. Although this drama is a medical drama, many plots are very interesting due to its fantastic setting and the differences in characters.


Politics Romance First Love CP High Value Hae-In Jung Ji-soo Kim

Young-Ro's love for Soo-Ho turns into deep hatred. Will hatred grows even more?

Although this drama mainly describes the romantic love of the two protagonists, under its special political background, it can tell about love, criticize the political issues in South Korea at the end of 1987, and even explore the inner world of characters such as detectives and spies. The images of all the members are very vivid. It is not only to shape the images of the male and female protagonists in all aspects. Each character is not unique, and has its own point of view. The retro and nostalgic sense of the picture is also good. There are many changes in the plot, each episode has something to watch, there are many foreshadowings, there is no absolute bad guy, absolute good guy, and there is no excessive beautification. The south poisons innocent college students, and the north kills overseas Chinese indiscriminately, all for their own interests.


Traversing the suspenseful reasoning loop Se-yeong Lee Bo-hyun Ahn

Watch Kairos! The story of two people who try to restore destiny after losing their loved one. Get ready to shed tears with this series!

The drama tells the story of the hero who was beaten by the kidnapping of his young daughter, and the heroine who lived in the past a month ago and struggled alone to save the one she loves. After two people who live in the present and the past meet, they experience new truths and events each time in order to salvage the tragedy that has already happened. The story is based on a disappearance of a child. It is a work with a strong sense of suspense, a brain-burning story and a fascinating plot.

4.Crazy love

office romance romantic high value CP Krystal Jung Jae-wook Kim

K-drama Crazy Love by Krystal Jung and Kim Jae Wook is a new sweet yet chaotic romance series! Ready to see the fun?

This is a romantic light comedy starring Goddess Krystal and Jae-wook Kim. The male protagonist is the company representative of the first educational institution, and the female secretary who has a very low presence around her is a romantic story of love and killing! The male protagonist is a cleaner with high IQ and strength, and gradually became a legendary figure in the education world! The female protagonist interned in his company in order to become a lecturer, but in the end she failed to pass the lecturer exam and could only become his female secretary.