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Hollywood Super Cast Lineup! Absurd Comedy "Don't Look Up"

1.The Witches

comedy fantasy cure satire Anne Hathaway

Human eating witches are hunting down orphaned buy and turning him into a mouse!

The story begins with the sadness of the boy's life after the catastrophe, and ends with the boy's smile to death. When the three mice start their adventures, and at the end they can't turn back into children, I'm sure this is Zemeckis I love so much. Deconstructing the situation with innocence, whether it is the growth of children or the choices of adults, it gives enough romance but reality, enough joy but dignified. The surface of the film is also the popular racial politics and class antagonism, but its contradictions are driven by the protagonists who have turned into animals. The distinction of skin color is no longer meaningful, and there are also colored ethnic groups among witches. Zemeckis has always been kind and moral. With wisdom thrown into the entire human race, any splitting and attacking within the group is disrespect for life and dreams.

2.Night of the Undead

alien marriage comedy absurd korean movie

So-hee prepare to kill his seemingly prefect husband, and something happen unexpectly…

The film combines funny, thriller, sci-fi, action and other elements. It mainly tells the story of a newlywed couple still indulging in sweetness, and the wife increasingly feels that her husband's behavior is abnormal. In addition to not sleeping 21 hours a day, he also found out that his husband was going to kill him. The heroine joins forces with a high school classmate, a woman who accidentally partnered, and the director of the mysterious research institute to fight back. But as the counterattack unfolds, they discover that the husband is an alien trying to take over the earth! The incident alerted government officials, and an unprecedented "undead war" was out of control.

3.Don't Look Up

comedy dark humor Leonardo DiCaprio Jennifer Lawrence Meryl Streep Ariana Grande Chris Evans

Darkest comedy ever! No one takes Leonardo Dicaprio and Jennifer Lawrence seriously about the end of the world.

This is a black satirical comedy that satirizes those bizarre chaos very forcefully, but it is actually a critique of the real society. For example, news is occupied by entertainment, and celebrity gossip attracts more attention than national events. The story tells that the heroine and her professor discovered a comet in the solar system. It should have been a surprising discovery. However, after calculating the orbit, it was found that the comet was heading straight for the earth, and its power was enough to destroy the earth. But the real problem is that in a society controlled by the government, financial groups and the media, it is difficult for the public to face up to this big event, presenting a portrayal that is both absurd and incomparably true.

4.Dr. Park's Clinic

comedy marriage korean drama

Reply 1988 "Madame Cheetah" become bald husband's wife and try to help him realize his dream of being a doctor!

This series is adapted from the popular comic of the same name. The male protagonist is determined to be a doctor because he saw on TV when he was a child that doctors drove famous cars and wore famous watches, and had a tall appearance and a smart head. After going through three exams, he finally graduated from medical school, thinking that he would be successful, but he did not expect that after taking out a loan to open a clinic, he would instead usher in a deficit crisis. He was troubled by this every day, and ended up balding, wearing a wig every day, and insisting on wearing it even when sleeping...