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The Forbidden Love Between Master And Servant! The Film "The Handmaiden"Interprets Feminism And Conspiracy With Violent Aesthetics


Violent Action Battle Hero

Watch Ryan Reynolds, Ben Hardy, Melanie Laurent, and other warriors action to stop Turgistan's dicator brutality!

The film is about six people from all over the world, all of whom are leaders in their respective fields. They were chosen not only for their ability but also for their unique ambition: they wanted to obliterate their past in order to change the future. They are brought together to form the team by a mysterious leader whose sole mission in life is to ensure that even if he and his companions are forgotten, they will always be remembered for what they did. They are stateless, undocumented, free people who can be everywhere. Their great exploits will not be recorded, and if they die in battle, no one will know, just like a speck of dust. Killing people who deserve to be killed is their only job. 6 people rely on each other to form a unique family.

2.The Handmaiden

Desire Metaphor Erotica Forbidden Love Feminism Min-hee Kim Class Tae-ri Kim

The gold-digger maid will try to steal her master's wealth, even if she has to use her own body.

The film is adapted from a novel by a British writer. It tells the story of the noble lady who inherited huge property, the liar earl who coveted her property, the maid who was hired by the earl to be close to the lady, and the guardian of the lady who revolved around money and love during the Japanese colonial rule of Korea in 1930. story that happened. The whole film is divided into three parts, which set the tone of the film with a different narrative style from the perspective of the maid, the lady's perspective, and the earl's perspective. The story unfolds during World War II, when the Japanese army occupied North Korea, and some North Koreans are not ashamed, but instead take pride in Japanese-style life.

3.Make Yourself at Home

extramarital affair erotic temptation Hye-kyo Song

A haunted girl sleeps with married neighbors?Song Hye-Kyo is haunted by superstitious ghost as she falls in love with a married American neighbor!

Make Yourself at Home is a psychological thriller. In the movie, Hye-kyo Song plays a Korean witch. To escape her own destiny, she came to America. In fact, she doesn't love her husband, she just wants to escape her own destiny. In the process of adjusting to the new environment, she met a female neighbor. She envied the happy life of their husband and wife. It was a completely different life from hers. She was infected by the enthusiasm of her neighbors, so she took the same name as her neighbors. Driven by desire, she began to imitate the female neighbor everywhere. She tried to smear her neighbor's lipstick to experience a completely different life from her own. In fact, she is a person who is afraid of loneliness. She can't express her emotions. She was afraid, so she had an affair with her neighbor's husband, and eventually ruined the neighbor's married life.

4.Death on the Nile

Suspense Adaptation Reasoning Case Solving Material Desire Love

A Cliff-Hanging Masterpiece!While on vacation on the Nile, detective Poirot must investigate the murder of a young heiress.

The film is based on the novel of the same name. The film follows Belgian detective Kenneth Branagh on a luxury steam cruise in Egypt that soon turns into a killer chase nightmare that interrupts the perfect couple's glamorous honeymoon. Boarding this luxury cruise ship, the extravagant life of a group of international tourists with fragrant temples is slowly revealed in front of us. All turmoil revolves around love, and love revolves around class and money. In this materialistic cruise ship, there is a cold sense of hierarchy. There are all kinds of love in the story. The murder case as the main line and the pearl necklace that disturbs the audio-visual case. The cases of varying degrees of severity form different clues to the story. In a specific environment, a group of young men and women are blinded for the purpose of love. Will dominates. Set against the backdrop of the vast desert and the mighty Pyramids of Giza, the story is filled with surging love and extreme jealousy.