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If You Want To Live, Don't Open The Door! "From" Starts An Infinite Loop!

1.The War of Flower

CP BL Ethics Revenge Thai Drama bloodthirsty

The most bloodthirsty Thai drama!The minor three-way gate sparked a two-generation war, the ladies tearing each other apart to protect their status!

The story tells the story of a mistress who comes back to take revenge after being abused by her husband's fiancée. The grudge between the two rivals was passed on to their bloodlines and developed into a war between the two bloodlines. Onnapa is the mistress of a millionaire who owns the largest flower business in the country. She has endured all kinds of abuse from her husband's legal life over the years. When their husband died, Kannika kicked Onnapa out of their home. Onnapa is outraged by Kannika's injustice and anger. More than 30 years later, the resentment in Onnapa's heart has never eased. Now, it is passed on to her daughter and grandchildren. Along with her daughter - Onsalao and her grandsons - Worakorn and Worawet, Onnapa is back to take revenge and take back what was hers.

2.The Dropout

Entrepreneurship Women True Events Women Amanda Seyfried

Life Choices Destroy Yourself!How did the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried) lose it all in the blink of an eye?

The Dropout tells the story of Elizabeth Holmes and her company Theranos, once dubbed the "women's version of Steve Jobs." When she was born, she seemed to be the kind of person who was favored by God. She was talented and intelligent, and her idol was Steve Jobs since she was a child. Because of her excellent grades, she also got into Stanford University. Like many people's dreams, she hopes that she can become rich and become a billionaire. The heroine has her own life plan early on. After graduating from college, she will invent a product and then start a company. Finally, the first version of Elizabeth's product Theranos was born, and she immediately had an infinite vision for the future. But products always fail at the last critical moment. In order to obtain the investment funds smoothly, the heroine can only falsify the data. It was from then on that her mind was no longer purely for scientific research, but embarked on the road of no return. The heroine's experience may sound a little unrealistic, but these are based on real events.


supernatural demon bloody violent murder cycle spooky

Innocent visitors are trapped in a creepy town sprawled with slaying monsters. Only the daring ones will survive the nightmare.

Ghosts, viruses, scandals, supernatural... Every seemingly ordinary town, in fact, has hidden mysteries. The core dilemma in this series is two factors: one is the weird town that you can't leave once you enter, and all the way out will eventually return to the town, and the other is the demon who appears as the night falls, disguised as The adult appearance tricks the people in the room into breaking the barrier. In order to leave the town, the sheriff decides to enter the forest with a black stone that can resist the devil, the restaurant waitress receives a mysterious order to keep killing people, and the new male protagonist and IT man decide to use the radio to get in touch with the outside world, "From" collects and Shows a lot of fragmentary clues, black stone, radio, corpse in basement, mysterious symbol, hallucination of IT man, boy in white, shrinking town, old man's memory, teleportation tree hole, suddenly appearing dog, decades ago massacre……


Science Fiction Digital Economy Capitalism Social Metaphor

Nathan continues to challenge the boundaries of morality and ethics in his digitized consciousness!

"Upload" is both a comedy and a not-so-obvious satire on social priorities, economic inequality, capitalism, and our cult of the almighty money. The series is set in 2032, and technology has advanced so impressively that death no longer means leaving the world entirely. Instead, human consciousness can be uploaded to a digital afterlife community where you can continue to exist and interact with loved ones as an artificially intelligent being, through advanced VR glasses and a host of other technological marvels, humans on Earth can live in These digital communities communicate with you—even visit you. The world, or postworld, seen in "Upload," represents the most cynical, horrific, and opportunistic form of looting of living families.