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The Word Of Mouth Is Overwhelming! The Cutest Animated Film Of The Year "Turning Red"

1.Turning Red

animated film chinese panda cute growth adolescence education

Too cute to be true! 13-year-old girl Mei turns into a giant red panda whenever she gets too excited.

The film tells the problems faced by Southeast Asian parents and adolescent children in a delicate and tender way, which resonated with many audiences. The protagonist of the film, Meilin, is a Chinese-American living in Toronto. From childhood to adulthood, she has always played a well-behaved and good student, and she can get A in every school. But the more obedient and well-behaved children are, the more rebellious their hearts may be. In front of the mother, the daughter is not allowed to have any ideas of her own, just because the mother thinks that she has paid too much, and in return, the daughter must obey her. It was because of this emotional conflict that Meilin woke up and found himself transformed into a red panda. Transforming into a red panda is a curse passed down from generation to generation by the Meilin family, but as long as the red panda's soul is resealed in conjunction with the ritual on the next red moon night, it can return to normal. At the end of the film, despite the mother's hope that her daughter will complete the full moon ceremony, she still allows Meilin to make a choice: whether to let the red panda continue to exist in her body?In the end, Meilin accepted his red panda soul and rejected the seal. She chose to coexist with her "bad" side because this is her real self.

2.The Adam Project

Science Fiction Fantasy  Ryan Reynolds Time Travel Save the World

Ryan Reynolds travels back in time and saves the world with his father!

"The Adam Project" is based on the theme of time travel. Starting from an accident in 2050, the injured Adam is chased. He travels through time and space at once, intending to escape to the world of 2018, but mistakenly goes to 2022. In 2022, the adult Adam meets the 12-year-old boy Adam; the adolescent Adam is not very happy, his father died in a car accident soon, he was bullied at school again, and his relationship with his mother became more and more alienated. Adult Adam and teenager Adam use the energy of the last time travel to go back to the past to prevent the bad guys from becoming powerful and to reverse the fate of the future world. The film depicts a number of profound emotions, the young Adam facing the pain of losing his father, the adult Adam facing the unswerving love and concern for the fate of the world.

3.Original Sin

marriage scam erotica Angelina Jolie sexy sex

Woman’s marriage fraud goes south as soon as she falls in love with the rich bridegroom.

In nineteenth-century Cuba, a wealthy local coffee businessman was to marry a mail-order bride. He had never met the American woman, and when he first met her at the pier, he was fascinated by her beauty. But he didn't know that this beautiful bride was full of tricks. The newly married life made him extremely happy, and he thought that the happy days could continue like this forever. But he found that his wife was not as simple as he thought. The wife hides a series of lies, the ultimate goal of which is his great wealth. The seemingly happy life hides many undercurrents and variables. Love is the original sin, from love to lust to hate, but it is redeemed because of love. This is a story about one's own love to one's beloved, not beautiful but true.

4.Deep Water

Affair Marriage Murder Crime Mystery Ben Affleck Ana de Armas

A couple’s open relationship turns into a lethal mind game in the name of love.

The film tells the story of a couple who end up going to the abyss in order to maintain their marriage. The seemingly happy family is full of crisis. The wife is a restless woman. Although she is already a married woman, she has sex everywhere. Although her husband is jealous, he is helpless, because he loves his wife morbidly, so as long as his wife does not divorce him, he will Be willing to accept his wife's derailment, and even allow his wife to bring her lover home. But love cannot be shared. In the end, the husband could not resist the anger in his heart, and brutally murdered his wife's lover one by one. Although the wife once suspected that the husband was the murderer, even the police could not find any evidence that the husband committed the crime. But in the end, the paper couldn't contain the fire. The husband was witnessed the last time he committed the crime, and the wife also found evidence that the husband was suspicious. However, at the end of the film, the witness unexpectedly overturned and died, and the wife also accepted what Big Ben did, and the couple continued to live together.