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A Teenager Was Raised As A Wolf! Because Of A Promise That "The Werewolf Boy" Waited For 47 Years!

1.Sunset in My Hometown

Go-eun Kim Hip Hop Hometown Romance Healing CP First Love

Go-eun Kim gained 8kg for the movie just to better perform the movie role!

The film tells the story of a rapper who has accomplished nothing because of a phone call and returns to his hometown after a long absence, and reunites with his elementary school classmates. For him, his hometown is full of painful experiences, so he has never set foot on the road to his hometown for ten years, and even his mother's tomb is taken care of by friends. HipHop was the only thing that comforted his heart. Those pain, torture can be written into lyrics and sung out loud. The most worth mentioning part of the film is the rap part, which is a big highlight of the film, not only its own splendor, but also plays a great role in shaping the character's character, making the character's character more obvious, more intense, and the story. The plot is simple, a bit like a youth idol drama, the feelings of too many characters are too idealized, and the contradictions and conflicts are not obvious. The proposition that mainly expresses feelings has never gone wrong. The conflicting feelings about the father and the hometown seem to be carried out. A kind of overlap, but the entanglement in the hearts of the characters is more in the performance. The lack of inner drama makes the emotional color less intense. The rap part really grabs the scene, and at the same time it is a very exciting part.

2.Crazy Romance

Hyo-jin Kong Romance Office Romance Affair CP

30 years old, just want an ordinary love

The male protagonist who broke up with his girlfriend cheated and got drunk every day, and woke up with a big bag of corn and a mess all over the floor. On the first day that the heroine who broke up with her boyfriend cheated on her new company, she was chased by her ex-boyfriend and forced to marry him. The male protagonist who woke up from a hangover found that an unknown number had called him for two hours in the early morning, and finally learned that it was his subordinate who just knew the name, and the heroine of the movie. The subtle tension and embarrassment were short-lived, and then the two gradually developed a good feeling. The two come together in love, and it is not smooth sailing after that. There are always many things waiting, and what should we do? Or what should I do? This movie just tells you that although all this is not very good, we have to face this kind of life when we encounter it, the life we want to live, instead of relying on others.

3.A Werewolf Boy

Joong-ki Song Bo-young Park CP Romance Healing Touching Immigrants

The girl and the wolf boy fall in love but cannot escape the criticism of the world!

This is a business story that carries the political connotations of the current era and maintains the entire tone of romantic love. The heroine, who has lung disease and cannot live in the city for a long time, moved to the country with her family. She found a wolf boy like a beggar next to the warehouse of a dilapidated villa. The wolf boy was unable to speak and behaved like a puppy. During the journey, the love, adventure, and danger of the two slowly unfolded. Whether it is a reflection on the traditional Korean family, or the gradual integration of nature, or the heroine's poor health and has to live in the countryside or people's fear of werewolves, the heroine has to immigrate to the United States to find a way out, all of which deeply depict South Korea at that time. society's recognition of itself.

4.Love 911

Soo Go Hyo-joo Han CP Romance Healing Touching Redemption

Forgive your past self, move forward bravely, and the hidden wounds will heal!

This is a warm and healing light comedy film. The film tells the story of a firefighter who was traumatized by the loss of his beloved wife and a team doctor who was also emotionally hurt, and "healed" each other. Light comedy with timely plot conflicts and touching. The two people in the movie are each other's band-aids. The heroine lets the hero come out of his guilt towards his wife. When the two went to the beach to drink, the hero saw the tears left by his wife, and the heroine asked her to leave. Well, when the male protagonist dreamed of his wife in the hotel and called his wife in the dream, the wound in the male protagonist's heart has begun to heal. The effect of Band-Aid is to heal people. Everyone in the movie has the ability to heal others, and they are healing each other! The fireman and the doctor healed each other, the fireman healed others, and the doctor healed others, the movie is a perfect happy ending! The movie seems to discuss the healing of love, but it actually discusses the mutual healing between people! Everyone has the ability to heal, warm others!