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Abandoned And Used, The Tragic Life Of A Locker Girl!Korean Movie"Coin Locker Girl"

1.Coin Locker Girl

Go-eun Kim Hye-soo Kim Violent Gore Adoption Gangster

An abandoned girl who became the last strong man

The film mainly tells the story of a girl who was thrown in a locker on the 10th subway and met a woman who worked in a place called "China Town", who adopted her and asked her to call herself mother. "Mom" is a cold-blooded woman who engages in loan sharking and sells organs without debt. The mother also adopted many other abandoned children. She didn't care about the lives of these children, only whether they were useful. The first time the girl shows weakness is the sight of a dying bitch. And the mother killed the bitch directly and told her, "You will also be killed when you are useless." So far, the girl has become a cold person who only executes instructions.

2.Innocent Witness

Mystery Witness Crime Lawyer Murder Woo-sung Jung

We are afraid of being the same as others, but we are also afraid of being different from others

The film tells the story between a defense attorney in charge of a murder case and an autistic girl who saw the incident as a witness. The male protagonist is a lawyer with a strong sense of justice, but in order to become a partner lawyer of the firm, he decides to compromise with reality and takes on a case to defend a murder suspect. During the investigation, it was discovered that the only witness to the case was an autistic teenage girl. Fragment from the case: The little girl was playing at home at night and suddenly saw two people fighting in the opposite building. The nanny and the elderly living alone were entangled. The elderly living alone put a plastic bag on his head, and the nanny tore it with force, but in the end the elderly living alone suffocated to death. The nanny was considered a suspect and was jailed. When the nanny met her male lead for the first time, she asked the male lead to trust her. She has no relatives, and no one in the world is willing to help her.


Family Injustice Crime Murder

To save her son, she became a murderer

The film tells the story of an ordinary mother who fought bravely to clear her son's murder charges. The female protagonist, who has been widowed for many years, lives with her only son who lacks intelligence. Her son, who was involved in the murder of a high school girl, was detained and jailed on suspicion of being at the scene. The police did not have convincing evidence, but wanted to close the case as soon as possible. In order to prevent her son from being wronged and humiliated, the mother had to conduct an investigation in private. In the face of the mother's "perseverance" appeal, the lawyer said: Your son's IQ is low, and he will spend at most four years in the hospital. The mother asked the son in prison to recall the experience of the night of the crime. The son had no clue, but he remembered the past when his mother fed him pesticides when he was five years old. For her son's desperate act of remembering the past, the mother was very panicked and asked the prison guard to let her go in and give her son an injection. In the end, he reluctantly warned his son: "Even if you killed it, you can't admit it."


Serial Murder Cruel Crime Suspense Min-hee Kim

The heroine lives again and again to replace the fate of others

The film tells the story of an unmarried couple who return home together a month before they get married. Passing through the rest station, the husband went to buy coffee, and when he returned, he found that his wife had evaporated, leaving no trace. The distraught husband entrusts his cousin who is a police officer of the serious crime team to find the woman he loves, but finds that all the information about the woman is forged. On the day of her disappearance, all her bank account balances were taken away, and not even a single fingerprint was left at home. At this time, people realized that this was not a simple disappearance and kidnapping incident, but a carefully planned conspiracy. The sharp-smelling police even linked the mysterious woman to a murder case.