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70-year-old "Miss Granny" Turned Into A 20-year-old Girl And Started A Romance With Her Grandson!


Woo-bin Kim Ha-neul Kang Jun-ho Lee Youth Campus Comedy Romance CP

Three popular Korean actors"Woo-bin Kim,Ha-neul Kang,Jun-ho Lee" perform youthful fun together!

The whole film tells about the growth stories of three young people who have just stepped out of the campus and entered the society in life, love, friendship and work. Life is full of uncertainties and challenges for them, how will they usher in their glorious chapter? Ji Ho, who has nothing to do but is very popular, Dong Woo, who dreams of becoming a cartoonist and working hard for it, and Kyung Jae, a college freshman who wants to work in a big company, the three boys who have just turned 20 together are a colorful picture of youth. . The film is close to the theme of life, and the light and realistic style presents the laughter and sadness of the 20-year-old youth, which arouses many people's nostalgia for their youth. In the end, it created a humorous and unrestrained youth comedy movie that combines love, confusion and restlessness.

2.Miss Granny

Fantasy Family Healing Touching True Cruelty Retirement Comedy

Although it is a magical theme of "rejuvenation", it focuses on the real life of the elderly. It is an excellent film with tears in laughter and joy in sorrow.

The film tells the fantastic story of a 70-year-old grandmother who suddenly turns into a 20-year-old flower girl. The movie not only evokes our memories of the past youth, but also makes us start to think about the old age in the future. The film has an unrealistic development, but it reflects very real problems. It is like a mirror, allowing us to see the mother who has worked hard for us all his life, and also see ourselves. Although the theme of the movie is fantastic, the connotation is to warn young people to pay more attention to their elders, and to treat their lives bravely and happily.

3.The Princess Diaries

Anne Hathaway Growing Campus Youth Princess Elegance classic

An ordinary American girl "Anne Hathaway" turned into a princess!

The heroine of the film is an ordinary American girl who always wears glasses, has curly hair, and doesn't dress herself up in order not to be noticed. Her greatest wish is to become a transparent person that no one pays attention to, so that she can be unnoticed. The heroine is sensitive and low self-esteem, and her character is not good at communicating with others because of the pain caused by her parents' divorce when she was a child. However, on an ordinary school day, she was stopped by a man who claimed to be from a small European country and said she was the princess of this country. And her grandmother, the queen of this country, was deeply attracted by her grandmother's elegant and airy temperament when she first met her. Under the various trainings as a princess, the heroine becomes confident, strong, and dares to pursue what she really wants.

4.Hot Young Bloods

youth violence campus romance CP sweet touching Bo-young Park  Jong-suk Lee

The most authentic youth romance of the previous generation in Korea!

The heroine of the movie is a famous gang leader in a certain area. She has always had a crush on the male protagonist of the next village childhood sweetheart. The two had a good relationship when they were young. When I grew up, I became a lot more distant from books. The male protagonist is a well-known playboy in school. On weekdays, I like to play with the feelings of female classmates. With a handsome appearance, many female classmates are deeply attracted. The leader of another gang likes the heroine. He couldn't get used to the male protagonist, so he found someone to beat the male protagonist every day. The female protagonist silently guarded the male protagonist, and finally moved out of this small place secretly with her mother. The last two people in the film entered the palace of marriage and harvested a happy love.