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The Forbidden Love Between "The King And The Clown"

1.Little Women

Feminism Freedom Independent Women Growth Timothée Chalamet Saoirse Ronan Emma Watson

The strongest cast "Timothée Chalamet, Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson" tells about the love and freedom of different women

The eldest daughter of the March family, Meg, is mature and stable, and dreams of becoming an actress; the second daughter, Joe, is lively and curious, and hopes to become a writer; the third daughter, Beth, is quiet and gentle and likes to play the piano, and the youngest daughter, Amy, is a good painter. Their neighbors are grandfather and grandson Laurie, who are rich and kind in the mansion. A quirky girl from a poor family meets a wealthy young man next door, and the ending should be that the gentleman prince and the poor princess finally lead a happy life. It's a pity that women in those days had to give up marriage to pursue a career. Joe's dream is to become a writer and work towards it. The movie is not just about praising and extolling the pioneering women who pursue their careers. It also affirms the value of a happy love and a happy family. It also gives enough understanding to Amy, who wants to change her destiny by marrying a rich man.

2.Pride & Prejudice

Famous Book Adaptation Romance CP Keira Knightley

This novel has been adapted many times, and each one has become a classic!

This is a film based on Jane Austen's novel of the same name. It tells the story of the world, human relationships and love of British township families from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 19th century. The hero and heroine misunderstood each other because of their own arrogance and prejudice, and finally they understand each other, think in different positions, and achieve perfect results. The film is extended with Elizabeth as the core. With a hidden narrative technique and a unique language perspective, it reproduces the marital status of the middle class in British society at that time, and focuses on showing the diverse concept of marriage and love behind the film, the moral concept of punishing evil and promoting good, and Women's values of freedom and equality.


Keira Knightley James McAvoy war tragedy romance CP

The film takes the smoke of the Second World War as a broad historical background and presents an emotional story full of misunderstandings and tears.

Based on the novel of the same name by Ian McEwan, the film tells the story of a story that changed the lives of three young people in an English manor in the 1930s. The well-educated Robbie has long had a soft spot for the tough-minded Cecilia, while Cecilia also values the ambitious young man. At this time, the two were already in a relationship. But the sudden appearance of little Briony and her fatal misunderstanding of Robbie finally ruined the love between Cecilia and Robbie's childhood sweetheart. The hapless Robbie is wrongfully imprisoned. Only a heartbroken Cecilia is left to suffer the pain of losing her lover and the torment of guilt. And the vain cousin Laura actually married Paul, the rich man who raped her back then.

4.The King and the Clown

tragedy history Joon-gi Lee korean costume movie court emperor cruel

The films are full of subtle explorations of humanity, love, jealousy, and madness.

Through the experience of the two artists in the palace, the film shows the court life under the rule of the tyrannical and moody King Yeonsan in the history of Joseon. The director skillfully describes the life of the people at the bottom during the reign of King Yeonsan against the background of Korean social and cultural elements in the 15th century. The most impressive thing about this movie is the life of the actors. The actors who live at the bottom, they make a living by entertaining others, whether it is the people living in the slums, the rich and wretched landlords, the moody kings, or the ministers who are loyal and traitors. The simple creed of their lives is to get food by making fun of others. In an era when they were poor enough to sell their wives, they just wanted to simply act and work hard to fill their stomachs. It is the dream of each of us to do what we love and live with freedom and dignity.