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The movie "Mom" Recreates The "Dark Bus Case" That Shocked The World


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How tragic are the consequences of pissing off a mother? Cruel to dare to open the movie to watch!

The film tells the story of her daughter being raped and tortured by a student in her mother's class who gathered three social youths, and dumped them in a canal to be killed. Fortunately, the daughter was rescued by someone in the hospital. The daughter bravely identified the four gangsters, but the court acquitted them because they were all minors. The angry father beat one of them. injured but detained. Faced with such extremely unfair treatment, the professor's mother lost her sense of rage, and she questioned the FBI's conscience in handling the case like this. Unable to accept the reality, the daughter tried to commit suicide and blamed her mother for offending the student. The mother killed three criminals who violated her daughter with what she had learned when her grievances could not be declared. Seeing that the criminals who harmed her were punished, her daughter became much more cheerful. In the end, when the criminal attacked the family who were on vacation outside, the FBI, who arrived in time, handed over his own gun to his mother, who shot him several times.

2.Law Abiding Citizen

Revenge Political Corruption Legal Cruelty

This is the story of a "law-abiding citizen" who was finally forced to become an "illegal citizen"

The film tells the story of a family of three who was attacked by two robbers. The male owner was seriously injured by the sneak attack, and his wife and daughter were raped and killed by the robbers. Fortunately, the hero survived, and the FBI quickly caught the two robbers. The leading robber turned from the principal into an accomplice and was sentenced lightly through the backstage operation, while the accomplice became the principal and was severely sentenced. I believe that the law decided to use its own means to punish the two criminals who entered the house. He first replaced the injection drug of the criminal sentenced to death by lethal injection with poison and let the criminal die in excruciating pain. There is a design to poison another criminal, he tied the criminal and locked him in a small house and broke it down into 23 pieces. After that, he eliminated the lawyers, judges and others involved in his family's case one by one, and then faced death calmly.

3.My Little Baby, Jaya

Revenge Political Corruption korean movie tragedy School Violence Legal Cruelty

Daughter was bullied to death by seven girls in school, father with cerebral palsy decided to use violence to control violence!

The film tells the story of a father and daughter with cerebral palsy who depend on each other and live a poor and happy life. It's a pity that her daughter, because of her outstanding performance in school, attracts jealousy and hatred. She is violated, humiliated and abused by a group of school bullies and social youth. She is forced to engage in prostitution to make money for the bad guys. The unbearable daughter finally chooses to commit suicide by jumping off the building. The sad father, who lost his beloved daughter, saw his daughter's diary, and only then did he realize that his daughter was subjected to endless humiliation, bullying and torture by the school bullies, and was forced to death step by step by the bad guys. The angry father went to the police station to report the case, but was rejected by the FBI on the grounds that a diary was insufficient to prove it. The extremely disappointed father decided to avenge his daughter. So he went to these people who had bullied his daughter one by one, and used violence to control violence!


Tragedy Revenge Montage Sexual Assault

Father's love is fearless! He bravely challenged the corrupt political system for his daughter

The movie tells the story of her daughter, An Jiu, who met a boy named Sam when she was in a camping camp, but she didn't know that this gentle-looking boy would completely shatter her life. Sam secretly took pictures of Anjiu taking a bath, using this as a threat to rape Anjiu, in order to kill Sam by mistake by the security guard. In order to protect his family from being unfairly judged by the prominent family of Sam, his father Vijay stepped forward. Only a fourth-grade literate, he used the knowledge he had learned from the movie to carry out the death of Sam's body. Handling and burial. The plot of the film is cleverly designed. Under the established premise of "manslaughter", the story of the civilian father's confrontation with the power is in-depth, and the wonderful confrontation with the police is constantly reversing by using the perfect alibi, which subverts the audience's opposition. The pre-existing concept of Indian cinema in the past.