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Violence, Eroticism, Ethics, Gore, This Movie "Bedevilled" Is Not Only About These!

1. Ichi The Killer

Violent Gore Cruel SM Cult Horror

A must-see movie for Cult movie lovers!

The story takes place in Japan's capital of desire: Kabuki-tei, Tokyo. Many people only see this, but they don't know that, in fact, the whole society, like Kabuki, is full of desires, phantoms, corrupt and chaotic. Society is nothing more than a kabuki theater magnified countless times. The protagonist of the story, Aichi, is usually timid and cowardly, but becomes powerful in fantasy or delusion, and crushes the enemies who bully him daily into powder. First of all, it reflects the good and evil sides of human nature. From here, I can't help but think of the famous "Dr. Incarnate". Secondly, the image of Hajime is exactly the projection of the small and medium-sized employees in ordinary society in the film. Small employees in large companies are usually oppressed and swallowed up. Only when they are daydreaming, they become heroes and punish evil and promote good. Isn't that what Hajime looks like?

2.Where the Truth Lies

Violent Gore Brutal Horror Based on True Events Keun-Suk Jang Joong-ki Song

This movie based on a real case is real and cruel!

The film tells the story of two Korean-American youths who kill a college student in pursuit of excitement. Afterwards, both of them said that the other killed someone, putting the case in trouble. The film is based on a true case from 1997, when Edward Lee, half-American and Korean-American, and Patterson, who is Korean-American, were arrested on suspicion of murder. The interesting thing is that Edward was acquitted. Although Patterson, the most suspected murderer among the many evidences, was sentenced to 18 months, he was released after a year of amnesty, and then slipped back to the United States. Under the pressure of public opinion, the Korean prosecutor decided to retry the case and asked Patterson to return to South Korea for investigation. But it was not until 2015 that Patterson was extradited to South Korea because he leaked his mouth when he was showing off, saying that he killed people that year, but because he was underage at the time of the incident, he was finally sentenced to 20 years in prison.

3.West Side Story  Steven Spielberg

Oscar Gang Musical Adaptations Romeo and Juliet Steven Spielberg

Classic musical was successfully remade to tell the ghetto version of 'Romeo and Juliet'

There are two rival gangs in New York's western Manhattan slums, the Rockets, led by whites, and the Sharks, led by Puerto Ricans. The two gangs hated each other and often fought. At a dance party in the West End, the two gangs danced each other. Tony, the leader of the Rocket Gang, and Maria, the sister of the leader of the Shark Gang, fell in love at first sight, and the story of the two began. The film reproduces the differences between Puerto Rican immigrants in the 1950s from the "interracial love", but it is not only racial discrimination and cultural generation gap, but also the teenagers represented by the male protagonist "Tony" and the heroine's brother "Bernardo" Gangs - the Jets and the Sharks, we also see the issue of crime arising from the marginalization of teens.


Violent Killing Gore Revenge Brutal Island erotic horror sexual assault

The isolated island hides bad humanity!

Jin Funan was originally an ordinary rural woman who lived on a closed island since she was a child. However, she always had a smile on her face and was warm, hardworking, honest and kind. Even though, she has never been treated kindly by the people on the island. The aunt could keep scolding her while she was doing farm work, and the uncle could come in and rape her in the middle of the night. Even her husband is often domestic violence and prostitutes. Her greatest wish is to raise her daughter Yan'er well. Therefore, I have been silently enduring this inhuman day. She has a good friend, but her friend witnessed Jin Funan being sexually assaulted, chose to run away, and never spoke out about it. Even when her husband sexually assaulted her daughter, her best friend still chose to stand by. Finally, she rose up and took revenge on the ruthless islanders living in this isolated island!