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The Annual Box Office Winner "The Concubine" Depicts A Love Triangle Intertwined With Lust

1.The Treacherous

Court Erotica Desire Rights Violence Sex Ji-hun Ju Ji-Yeon Lim

This movie labelled "erotic" is actually torturing rights and humanity!

The film is set during the reign of the famous tyrant Yeonsan-kun in Korean history. When he was a child, because his mother was killed and his father did not love him, there was a shadow in his childhood, which caused his cruel and psychopathic character in the future. After he took the throne, he listened to the slander of the traitor, traced the murderer who had poisoned his mother, and killed a group of people on the roster. Danxi is the daughter of a loyal minister who was murdered by Lord Yanshan in the past. She has been incognito, performing on the street, waiting for an opportunity to avenge her father. The film actually uses this kind of scene to show the pain of slavery under power and the terrible darkness under human desire.

2.The Sound of a Flower

music inspirational feudal system teacher-student love Suzy Bae

Suzy Bae interprets ancient legendary women singing the voice of destiny!

The movie is based on real events. Released in South Korea in 2015, the film tells the inspirational story of North Korea's earliest female singer, Chen Caixian, growing from an ordinary girl who likes pansori to a famous North Korean singer. She sang the grievances that women suffered in the feudal era and the grief that her relationship with Shin Jae-hyo would never end. Although she is favored by the Grand Courtyard, it is a pity that Chen Caixian admires her teacher Shen Zaixiao, who also wrote "The Sound of a Flower" for her to tell the story of the two. Although the movie gives the story of the two a hopeful and open ending, when Shin Jae Hyo was about to die in the heavy snow, his tearful eyes finally found the figure of concern.

3.The Throne

Family court emperor cruel right Ah-in Yoo Kang-ho Song

The most cruel love and murder in the Korean court!

The director continues to expand the whole story with an ever-increasing perspective, and the method of interlude runs through the eight days when Prince Simou was starved to death in the rice cabinet. The constantly changing identities of father and son, from father and son at the beginning, to representatives of interest groups, and then to ruler and minister, make the cry of human nature in the eastern feudal culture appear sad and desolate. The story takes place in the Li Dynasty of North Korea. During the reign of Youngjo, after the untimely death of his eldest son, he pinned all his hopes on his second son, Li Tan. Not only was he canonized as the heir when he was born, but he also arranged for famous officials to supervise his homework. However, things didn't go according to plan, and the prince was indulged in fun and unwilling to study. Young-jo promoted the prince to act as the representative of the state, but this made the father and son who stand at the peak of power gradually drift away. Until one rainy night, the prince broke into the palace with a sword. The next day, he was reprimanded by Youngjo for conspiracy and locked in a rice cabinet. In the next eight days, the father and son, who are like gangsters and enemies, each recalled the past.

4.The Concubine

Sexual Court Imperial Brutal Rights Erotica Yeo-Jeong Jo

A love triangle intertwined with hatred and lust!

When Shengyuan was still the heir, he met his daughter Huayan at the house of the minister, Shen Shen, and fell in love at first sight. But his mother's queen betrothed Hua Yan to his half-brother as queen for her own political ambitions, and Sheng Yuan therefore went abroad. Hua Yanben and her family servant Quan You are a pair of lovers. They accidentally learned that they were going to become a concubine in the palace, so they eloped but were caught by their father. Five years later, His Highness became seriously ill. Under the conspiracy and arrangement of his mother, the Grand Master Shengyuan returned to the palace to inherit the throne and became a puppet emperor. Hua Yan's father was also persecuted by her mother and executed during the coup. At this time, Maharaja Shengyuan met Huayan, who had become the emperor's wife, and the shackles of power further burned the taboo desire in his heart. However, after failing to elope, Quan Yu, a slave who saved his life, was castrated by Shen Shen. In order to avenge Xue Hen to ascend to the top of his power, he entered the palace as a servant, and endured humiliation to survive. With the court struggle as the background, the fate of the three people is intertwined, and a tragedy is brewing under the contradiction between love and power, passion and hatred.