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The Movie 'A Thursday' Saves Indian Women In The Name Of Revenge!

1.Haseen Dillruba

crime murder marriage suspense

A woman falls in love with her murdered husband's cousin…As a suspect of her husband’s murder, a wife turns out to maintain a love affair with the husband’s cousin ever since the beginning!

Rani, a girl from Delhi, has rich emotional experiences, but due to her age and at the urging of her relatives, she has a blind date with Rish, an engineer in the small town of Dawarap, and then the two entered the hall of marriage. Due to the lack of running-in and understanding of free love, the two are not happy. Rani, who has a master's degree, is not suitable for the role of housewife, and at the same time, Rush's dullness and honesty do not please Rani. At this time, Rish's cousin appears, he is strong, likes extreme sports and understands the wind and moon, so he and Rani come together. The heroine originally thought that Neil could take him far away, but Neil was just messing around with flowers and not seeking longevity. Seeing that she was deceived by a bad man, Rani had to turn to Rish again. Rish was very sad and angry this time, and after teaching Rani several times, he finally forgave his wife. But Neil's reappearance caused a big fight between the two men, and Lani helped the thin Rush to accidentally kill Neil with a "frozen sheep thigh". As a last resort, the couple burned the body of the third party. In order to "frame" Neil and create the illusion that Rish was killed, the actor cut off his arm and left it at the explosion site as "evidence". The left arm pointed the suspect to Rani and Neil, but Rani had arranged a perfect alibi and disposed of the leg of lamb at the butcher shop. The police had no choice but to release the suspect.

2.A Thursday

female revenge Kidnapping Teacher Rape Crime Cruel Political System

A kindergarten teacher kidnapped 16 children?

The heroine Naina is an urban youth who has received legal education and can open a private kindergarten on the Daping floor of the CBD. The heroine's fiance has a prominent family background, and the fiance himself is a senior lawyer. The parents whose children were kidnapped in the kidnapping case are also prominent middle-class and public figures in India. Naina is an urban elite woman who has received higher education since childhood and has a promising future. However, she had a very tragic teenage time: Naina was raped by two thugs while she was studying, and her fate changed since then. Naina also tried to call police Khan for help at the time of the atrocity. But Khan didn't care at the time, because he was working on a big case that could make a name for himself. Although Khan received Naina's report, he didn't care about the rape case at all, resulting in the perpetrator being at large. Khan solved a major case and became the light of Indian police. Naina, however, suffered from a heart attack because of the Khan's ignorance. Finally, on the day of the incident, which was also Naina's 30th birthday, the anger she had hidden in her heart erupted. She kidnapped her kindergarten children and named Khan to handle the case. Naina threatened the police with 50 million rupees or she would shoot a child every hour. After "shooting" the first child, Naina, who received the money, made a series of new demands. After asking the Indian Prime Minister to connect with her, he asked the Prime Minister to be there in person to chat with her. As a rape victim, she has to complain to the Prime Minister and ask the Indian government to legislate against rape. Naina started the live broadcast, exposed the unbearable past, and shot and killed the driver who was kidnapped by him in full view. The driver was one of those who raped her.


Looting Adventure Game Adventure Action Tom Holland Mark Wahlberg

Gunfight on a nosediving transport plane? Deep dive under the ocean? Tom Holland now embarks on a brand-new treasure hunt!

This movie is adapted from the game of the same name, and it has a high degree of restoration of the scenes in the game. Nathan was separated from his brother Sam as a child, and both brothers had a treasure hunt. When Nathan grew up, he seemed to have forgotten this dream, working in a pub on weekdays, ordering small items from customers. But one day, a man named Victor found him. Victor claims to be Sam's treasure hunt partner and wants to work with Nathan to find the 5 billion treasure left by Magellan's fleet. Nathan follows Victor on an adventurous journey for his own treasure hunt and to see his brother again. This film is a very pure treasure hunting adventure movie, following the clues to and from all over the world to find lost treasures. The movie shows the character growth of the protagonist, as well as more exciting action scenes, especially the final "spaceship battle is very in line with the consistent style of Shenhai, and Drake is also accompanied by a variation of the game theme song in the final scene. The iconic gun sling on his back, along with a tan shirt and olive overalls, completes the perfect complement to the characters on screen.

4.The Hypnosis

School Bullying Horror Crime Hypnosis Korean Movies

A therapeutic hypnosis leads to horrendous nightmares...Don't miss out! You never know when will a hypnosis could bring you spine-chilling horror!

The plot of the film uses a double flashback structure. Students died in a row on the university campus. One of the survivors, Zhenhao, was hypnotized and tried to piece together the events from his deep memory, so the story went back to the first day he transferred to this school and told Ban Dai. Hyun, Chan Gyu, a high school student, Hyun Jung, the goddess of the campus, and Byung Joon, who dropped out of school, get to know each other. At this time, they didn't know that there was actually a forgotten memory, and they were about to come back to find them... In the film, a group therapy experiment about Borderline personality disorder was fabricated, and it was because of the failure of this experiment that a long-term More than ten years of revenge plan. Although the plot is fictitious, the impulsive violence and emotional regulation disorders derived from borderline personality disorders are actually the root cause of many unfortunate incidents such as workplace and school bullying and domestic violence.