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The Gory Version Of "Home Alone," "The Babysitter" May Be The Most Surprising Horror Movie Of The Year!

1.The Babysitter

Horror Comedy Murder Gore Violent Youth

The mix and match of horror gore and adolescence made this movie a hit all over the internet!

The film tells the story of a young and beautiful female nanny and an adolescent boy. Cole adores his nanny Bee. She's sexy, fun, and popular. One night, Cole stayed up all night and spied on Bee to discover that she was actually a cold-blooded killer allied with the devil. Now, he must evade Bee's gang of killers in the dark, mercilessly preventing Cole from revealing their dark secrets. Cole used multiple tricks to try to escape from Ascension, triggering a series of horrific bloodshed during the escape. Can he successfully stop the nanny's evil plan and save his own life?The film will grow into a thriller comedy with a throwback feel to 80s sci-fi and horror. It's no exaggeration to say that the movie doesn't live up to the "horror-comedy" category at all.

2.The Promise

horror supernatural ghost bestie

A classic Thai horror movie, a man who breaks a promise of twenty years is destined to be punished!

The film tells the story of two young ladies from wealthy families. Because the two fathers are real estate developers and they do business together, the relationship between the two is very good, but with an accident, the two fell into the abyss! Because of the impact of the Asian financial turmoil, the skyscrapers that their parents invested in became unfinished buildings. They could not accept such a tragic situation, and the collapsed two decided to commit suicide together in this unfinished building. But after Ibby shot and committed suicide, Baan regretted it! Years later, Baan wanted to fulfill his father's wish to re-complete the unfinished building, but half of the building belonged to his best friend Yibi's house. Baan found Yibi's mother, and the other party agreed to sell his shares. , let Baan finish the building! Baan slept at night and felt that someone had entered his room, very frightened. She felt that Ibi might have come back, so she went to the building where Ibi committed suicide and offered an apple, hoping that Ibi would let her daughter go. After leaving and meeting again, a child saw Baan and said that there was someone behind Baan!

3.The Closet

horror supernatural korean movie hell family

The truth behind the story of the father who went to hell by mistake in search of his daughter is shocking!

After the death of his wife, Shang Yuan took his daughter to live in the countryside in order to maintain his relationship with his daughter. However, after the move, Shang Yuan was still immersed in his work and did not care about his daughter. And her daughter's behavior began to become weird, and Shang Yuan also encountered bizarre things. One day, his daughter suddenly disappeared in front of the wardrobe, and Shang Yuan couldn't find it. At this time, the exorcist Qingxun came here and claimed to know the secret of the wardrobe, so he and Shang Yuan broke into the so-called "middle zone" together. , revealing the hidden truth behind the wardrobe.

4.Warning: Do Not Play

ghost supernatural horror korean movie Ye-ji Seo Bora Kim

She was looking for material for a ghost movie, but what she didn't expect was that she actually saw a ghost!

At the beginning of the film, the protagonist Xiaomei's nightmare starts with the nightmare, which sets the tone of the whole film; the protagonist Xiaomei is a new director, in order to gain the favor of investors, she desperately seeks movie themes; occasionally, Xiaomei learns from others When I learned about a forbidden film "Dark War" called ghost shooting, I began to search for the material for this film. In order to find the film material, the protagonist Xiaomei disregarded the danger of her life and bravely moved forward. At the creative level, she praised Xiaomei's spirit of daring to devote herself to art; the film adopts the storyline of the film in the film and describes two people for the same purpose. , but with different means; a stark contrast, one film is cast aside, the other film is respected, expressing from the side that the essence of art lies in the spirit, not selfishness.