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A Girl Crosses Races And Falls In Love With A Dragon! Russian Fantasy Film "He's a Dragon"

1.La La Land

Romance Music CP Tragedy Touching Emma Stone  Ryan Gosling

This multi-Oscar-winning film depicts the truest form of love

The film is about the love story between a jazz pianist and an actress with a dream. The story takes place in Los Angeles. Mia is a young actress who is working hard for her acting dream. She works as a barista on the set of Warner Bros. and often skips work to audition. And Sebastian is a jazz pianist. He wants to open a jazz club, but there are few traditional jazz listeners nowadays. In order to solve the problem of making a living, he has to join a pop jazz band, playing with music synthesizers in front of the audience, interpreting the so-called jazz music . By chance, the two who also pursued their dreams met in this city, and soon fell in love, comforting each other, and chasing dreams together. However, the game between art and business, dream and reality has also faced choices and tests for their emotions. After experiencing a series of setbacks and differences, they encouraged each other not to give up their dreams, and then let go calmly.

2.Crazy Rich Asians

Love Marriage Romance CP Asian Rich Family

This movie reveals the life of Asia's richest people in the United States!

Yang Nick, the second-generation richest prince in Singapore, proudly brought his beautiful, generous and educated girlfriend Zhu Ruiqiu home to meet relatives and friends. And the attitude of this huge wealthy family towards Zhu Ruiqiu was far from her imagination. At first Zhu Ruiqiu thought it was just a relaxing and romantic vacation with the man she loved deeply, but unexpectedly faced with overwhelming pressure, she must be strong Dealing with a group of scheming rivals and opponents, but it is even more difficult to deal with her prospective mother-in-law Yang Aili, because Eleanor believes that Zhu Ruiqiu, a modern American girl, will never be able to reach their home.

3.One Day

love tragedy marriage romance CP Anne Hathaway Jim Sturgess

She spent 20 years waiting for a boy to grow up, but the ending was not satisfactory...

The film is adapted from the novel of the same name. Emma's crush on Dexter is used as a clue to foreshadow the plot. It describes the life trajectory of the two people in their most beautiful years in a positive way. Re-reading the whole movie, let me re-watch the movie. Once understood "romance". This film can be divided into three parts. The first part is in the years when Dexter rejected Emma and lived apart. If in most reality, the second male Ian is represented, maybe if he insists, he and Emma will stay together. In a lifetime, there are people who are not allowed to have spiritual derailment in their love, which is disrespect for romance. The second part is the climax of the film. It made me have a lot of imagination about men and women. Do all or most men have an emotional attachment to a person who can't get it, and the one they most want to contact when they are drunk That person, the first person you want to talk to when you lose. The third part is the end of the film, the implied ending and the real portrayal of most emotional men and women in reality.

4.He's a Dragon

Fantasy Love Race Romance CP

As long as two people truly love each other, the dragon and the princess can be together

The story mainly takes place in a relatively turbulent era. At that time, the temperament of dragons was still quite ferocious, so it was necessary to select some women from the village as sacrifices. In the film, when the Duke's daughter held a wedding, she didn't want to marry this man she had no feelings for, so the girl sang the song of the dragon, thus awakening the dragon. When the dragon was awakened, he plundered the heroine to the island. After the heroine arrived on this island, she spent a period of time with the dragon. To the heroine's surprise, the dragon could actually transform into a human form. It was in the process of getting along with the two that the heroine also awakened the dragon's humanity, and finally the two began to fall in love. After falling in love, the heroine also gave birth to a lovely child for the dragon.