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You Couldn't Guess The Ending Of The Movie "Andhadhun" Until The Last Second!


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The entire film took 12 years to complete, but it can be summed up in one sentence: "A boy's growth from the age of 6 to 18".

In this age of fast food culture shock, what mark has "time" left on this film? In order to show Mason's natural growth and complete life experience from the age of 6 to 18, the director insisted on using a small actor to shoot the film. In order not to disturb his normal life, the filming was only done in a short period of time during the summer vacation. Mason is both playing the role and showing the true story of his upbringing. What the audience sees is the real growth of the child, not through makeup, stunts, or changing actors. A growing teenager is presented three-dimensionally on the screen. These details are real and powerful, as if we can all recall our own youth, and recall every bit of what we have done or felt. Although there are differences in culture, the essence of childhood is the same.


Mystery Murder Indian Movie Crime

Best Mystery Movie of the Year! A pianist posing as a blind man witnesses a murder!

The film tells the unexpected experiences of Akash, a piano tuner who pretends to be a blind man, after accidentally becoming a "witness" of a murder. As a pianist with no background, no resources, and no manager, Akash found his own character "Blind Pianist" by virtue of his intelligence. However, this disguise allowed him to condone more evil and ignore more good. The truth is often not easy to tell, and the road to finding and exposing the truth seems to be more bumpy and bumpy than creating illusions, and often even costs life. In order to concentrate on practicing the piano and avoid external interference, Akash chose to pretend to be blind until he witnessed the murder. Akash came to the police station to report the crime, but the reality made a joke with him. is a case participant. Akash swallowed the words in his mouth. Akash later recorded a statement as the police said. He thought that he would be safe and secure, but when Simi found out that Akash was not blind, it all "started" all over again.

3.Love Me If You Dare

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How did two lunatics fall in love? This movie tells you the answer

Throughout the film, the game is played by the hero and the heroine since childhood: Love me if you dare. In the beginning, this game was just an ordinary children's game. You can also understand it as a competition between bears and children, but later with the death of the male protagonist's mother, under the influence of the extreme father and family environment, the children's psychology has been affected. subverted. Sophie and Julianne both grew up in an abnormal environment. Sophie was severely discriminated against and maliciously teased since she was a child, and her family ignored her. On the other hand, Julianne's mother was seriously ill and died, and her father had a cold face all the year round. will not express. These two children have been lonely and frightened, and they have no sense of security in their hearts since they were young. When people with the same experience are together, they will become each other's spiritual pillars. So the two played games since childhood to escape the real world and temporarily forget the pain. Later, the game became a habit, and they have formed a kind of rejection of the present world, completely isolated from the secular world and opposed.


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When people have dreams, they have souls

As an inspirational film, the film makes the atmosphere of the whole film very low and bloody. In my opinion, this extreme and dark inspirational film is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people than ordinary inspirational films. At the very beginning of the film, the strong style of the film is shown. The hero Andrew is studying at Saifer College, the best music school in the United States. A good jazz drummer is Andrew's lifelong pursuit. In the film, the protagonist Andrew has been learning jazz drums since he was a child. Because he has been practicing hard since he was a child, his basic skills are good. However, after Andrew joined the school's jazz ensemble, he was only a backup drummer and was responsible for helping the main drummer to turn the score. The dream spirit embodied in the film is in line with the pursuit of our young people today. The values and outlook on life shown in this film are worthy of our deep thinking.