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Bloody And Violent Killing Game! Do You Dare To Watch The Movie "The Hunger Games"?


Sci-Fi Action Adventure Dystopian Space Tom Cruise

This "dystopian" movie combines the settings of many classic sci-fi movies, can you see it?

In 2017, Earth was invaded by alien exiles whose home planet was destroyed. Although human beings have defeated their opponents with nuclear weapons, they have also paid a heavy price of losing their homes. In the next nearly half a century, humans immigrated to Titan, but there were still a very small number of humans who stayed in their homeland to sweep away the remaining alien predators. Jack and Victoria are one of the left behind, their main task is to ensure the normal operation of the drones guarding the extraction towers all over the place. The seemingly never-ending mission is finally coming to an end, and just at this moment, the UFO has crashed into a no-man's land. Jack found several human wounded in the local area, but they were massacred by drones. In a critical moment, Jack rescued a woman named Julia. This incident made Jack unknowingly know the predators and the secrets hidden behind him...

2.The Hunger Games

Violent Gore Killing Game Brutal Myth Violent Gore Killing Game Brutal Myth

The film exposes the dark side of society

North America was destroyed after a war. People built new homes on the original ruins of the United States, but the new regime stipulated that: 12 regions under its jurisdiction must pay tribute every year to young men and women, and participate in a live TV program "Hunger". game". The rules of the show are simple - kill or be killed. Katniss Everdeen's sister was unfortunately selected on "Choice Day" in District 12. Because of the need to protect her sister, Katniss Everdeen volunteered to play for her sister. She had to separate from her lover Gale Hawthorne and enter the game with Peeta Mellark, who was also chosen as District 12's tribute representative. Although Katniss Everdeen has been hunting since she was a child, she has excellent bow and arrow skills, and can cope with many obstacles in the show, but she has to deal with the cruel and strong players from other areas in the competition. If she wants to become the final winner, she Having to become an inhuman killing machine is a great test for her.

3.The Maze Runner

maze high intelligence reasoning dystopia Dylan O'Brien Thomas Sangster

The teenager accidentally broke into the labyrinth. Will he be able to solve it and successfully return to the real world?

The boy Thomas woke up in the elevator, strangely remembering nothing but his name. When the elevator opened, he came to an unfamiliar place "the glade". It is surrounded by tall stone walls, and there are many boys living in the walls, including Newt, Chuck, Mino, and others, they are all trapped in the maze, and there is a group of giant monsters threatening outside the wall. One day, the elevator brought them a girl, Teresa, who was the first girl to come here. After that, the labyrinth gradually began to change, everything fell into chaos, Thomas and Teresa decided to embark on the road to crack the labyrinth and find out the chilling secret behind the labyrinth.

4.Mile 22

Wahlberg Agent Action Adventure Violent Gunfight

An elaborate deception that wiped out America's elite squad

James Silva, an American CIA agent stationed in Indonesia, who has had mania since childhood, is one of the best agents. The precision combat team he belongs to is no longer under the control of any country since he received the mission. While Silva's team was worried about the whereabouts of the radioactive nuclear weapons, local police officer Li Nuer, who was also the team's tainted witness, suddenly appeared and revealed the location of the nuclear weapons. The location of the remaining nuclear weapons was encrypted and stored by him. He asked Silva and others to send him out of Indonesia within 8 hours before he could reveal the password, otherwise all the nuclear weapons that were not found would explode at the same time. Time is running out, Silva and others immediately submitted their resignation to the CIA to prepare for the pioneer escort operation, the purpose is to send Li Nuer to the plane "Angel" 22 miles away, and get the disk password in Li Nuer's hand. The short 22 miles was full of danger. The local Indonesian agents dealt a heavy blow to Silva in order to hunt down Li Nuer. But what neither of them knew was that the Russian intelligence agency was secretly monitoring the entire operation behind the scenes, and Silva and others did not know that the operation was full of traps from the very beginning.