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TOP, A Member Of the Kpop Group Bigbang, Plays The Casino Boss! Korean Crime Movie "Tazza: The Hidden Card"

1.The Man From Nowhere

Agent Killer Redemption Sae-ron Kim Bin Won

The cold-blooded killer killed the entire gang to save the little girl!

It mainly tells the story of the special agent Cha Tae-seok who lost his love due to revenge after performing his mission, and then went into hiding, opened a pawnshop for a living, and was indifferent. And a little girl named Xiaomi who lives next door is the only one who is willing to take him as a friend. And Xiaomi's mother was kidnapped by the underworld criminal gang because of embezzling the stolen goods of the underworld drug gang. At the same time, the underworld criminal gang was also engaged in the sale of human organs. In order to rescue Xiaomi, Cha Tae-seok spared no expense. The power of one person took over this underworld organization. In the process of Cha Taixi's rescue of Xiaomi, his identity gradually surfaced...

2.Tazza: The Hidden Card

Casino Crime Action Bigbang TOP Kpop Idol

The popular Korean idol play casino bosses!

The male protagonist, who ran away because he hurt someone in his hometown, came to Gangnam-do to join his acquaintance. Introduced by his brother, the male protagonist got an audience from the owner of the casino. With his talent-like skills, handsome appearance and clever eloquence, the male protagonist quickly became the boss's most important subordinate. During this time, he met a beautiful woman, but he put himself in a dangerous place by helping the woman escape the trap set by the boss. Soon he reunited with the girl of his first love who came with his poker friend, and he suffered the worst defeat in his life in that gambling game. The male protagonist who fell from the sky to the bottom of the valley, with the help of this girl, left the turbulent Jiangnan Road, and met an anonymous master on the way. The male protagonist determined to take revenge apprentices to the master, and he risked his life...

3.The Shameless

Action Police Crime Undercover Do-yeon Jeon Nam-gil Kim

Undercover cop falls in love with suspect's lover!

The male protagonist of the movie is a policeman who uses violence to fight against criminals. But in the face of family, he had no time to take care of it, and finally ended in divorce. Later, he fell in love with the suspect's lover. She was originally the vice president's woman, the boss of a certain gang, but she cheated on the eldest brother's younger brother. The male protagonist received a mission to arrest him, so he lurked beside the woman as an undercover agent. The woman was gradually moved by him and fell in love with him, but what she did not expect was that an escape revealed the identity of the male protagonist. It was only then that the woman discovered that the man he had fallen in love with was an undercover police officer who approached her to take advantage of her special identity.

4.A Special Lady

Action Gangster Female Revenge Violent Gore Hye-soo Kim

The film breaks away from the traditional gangster setting and redefines the genre of Korean crime movies

The movie strays from traditional Korean crime movies, so in addition to the usual official corruption, underworld struggle, and superficial kung fu, emotional lines are added. With the meeting of corrupt prosecutors and director Lin, the film moves away from the crime film of "foreign invasion" and turns to the ethics film of "internal struggle". Therefore, the bloody, violent, and oppressive dark tones in the early stage have been swept away, and the bloody, bizarre, and promiscuous bright tones are full of reason. When mother and son, father and lover are entangled, ambiguous and unrequited love, this strange and complicated, slightly ethical relationship emerges, the film has another reason to attract audiences.