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The Kind Girl Became The Slave Of The Whole Town! The Real And Brutal Movie "Dogville"


Ji-hun Ju Seong Ji Kwang-soo Lee gangster crime Revenge Violent Gore Action

The bloody revenge of the Korean men's gang!

Based on the true story of the shooting incident of the Japanese yakuza, the film describes the frequent conflicts between the Korean-led yakuza and Japan's largest yakuza, and the fierce struggle to avenge their dead colleagues and to dispatch the betrayal of the internal organization. s story. Four men from childhood to adulthood work under the leader of the Korean gang in Japan, and there are frequent frictions with the Japanese underworld, and the competition between the two gangs intensifies. Four good friends plan to avenge their dead companions, but one of them is also caught by the police while running away, and the others quarrel to stand by and watch the matter, and the relationship becomes cold. In order to bail him out, K went to the other party's gang to make trouble, while the other investigated the internal traitor. At this time, the incidents of the killing of their companions happened one after another. They knew that someone was behind everything and started the blood revenge again.

2.The Villainess

Revenge Female Violent Gore Action

The Korean version of "Kill Bill" is bloody and violent!

A girl's father was killed by her best friend, and she was caught and sold by her father's friend. When she was about to fall into hell, she was rescued by a man, and she fell in love with this man at the same time. The bad guys are a group, they train and kill, and they think about revenge every day. After the revenge is over, they find out that the murderer is someone else. They agreed to get married and live together after the revenge. Before he died, the uncle began to plan suspended animation, snares, and wanted to kill the girl... I originally thought that this movie was an ordinary action movie that started with hatred and ended with revenge. However, the narrative of the storyline is interspersed with memories, giving people a sense of suspense. What is the heroine "revenge" for?


Nicole Kidman Humanity cruelty revenge gangster

A kind woman was trampled by the whole town!

At the beginning of the movie, you will wonder how it is a simple and symbolic scene like a stage in a drama. Every household in the village just draws a white line on the ground to indicate that it is their home, and there is no even a door. A play-in-play setting? Is the plot in the movie a drama? It is an allegorical film that completely subverts the good of human nature. In the nearly three-hour film, director and screenwriter Lars von Trier tries to use pure, simple film language to directly attack the evil of human nature. Grace, who is full of good yearning for the outside world, yearns for freedom and tries to get rid of the shackles of patriarchy, so she has this adventure in dog town. The evil of human nature in Dogtown is magnified step by step and gradually devours Grace. This ignorant little girl also began her own revenge after being devastated.


Robbery Police Drag Racing Crime Violent Thriller Jake Gyllenhaal

Police and bandits chase battles with game-like visual effects!

Will is a retired soldier. In order to pay for his wife's surgery, Will has no choice but to join his brother Danny's plan to rob a Los Angeles bank. Originally, he was only forced by life. He wanted to grab a sum of money and then stopped. Unfortunately, his teammates were not strong enough, and the plan failed. The two brothers grabbed an ambulance and escaped by accident. In the ambulance, there was an ambulance and a police officer who was shot and injured, and their lives were at stake! In order to capture them, a large number of police chased and intercepted them... A large number of racing scenes filled the fugitives with fear and despair, and many 360-degree panorama of the tragic scenes of racing and fleeing were very exciting!