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The Korean High-Scoring Movie "The Attorney" Based On The Real Experience Of The President

1.Drug King

crime drug lord brutal politics Kang-ho Song Doona Bae

The film is adapted from the experience of real people, witnessing the glory and decline of the big drug lord in South Korea!

Set in Busan, South Korea in the 1970s, it tells the story of Lee Doo-sam, played by Song Kang-ho, rising from a bottomless smuggler to a legendary drug lord. Lee Doo-sam does have someone in South Korea. He started out by smuggling in the 1970s, and later entered the drug manufacturing and trafficking industry and emerged as a generation of drug lords. He used the money from producing and selling "Made in Korea" drugs all the way to the top of the country. Blind self-confidence made him think that he had found the ultimate backer. He never expected that the national political shock and his greed would eventually harm him. He became rich and went to the peak of his life, and at the same time he lost his health, his family, his loved ones' love, and fell to the altar.


Gianna Jun Woo-sung Jung love triangle romance painter

Three seemingly unrelated characters meet over a pot of daisies, and this is a story with a sadder ending than "Léon".

In Amsterdam, a policeman and a killer fell in love with the painter Huiying in the square at the same time, and the fates of the three began to entangle... After Huiying moved to the Netherlands from South Korea, she often walked across the single-plank bridge by the river to support the painter and painted daisies on the other side. Hui Ying accidentally slipped and fell into the river when she was walking on the single-plank bridge as usual, and the painting tools were washed away. When she returned in disappointment, she came to the bridge again, but found that the single-plank bridge had been repaired into a narrow bridge, and her own painting tools were still hanging on the bridge. So Huiying painted a daisy and placed it by the bridge to express her gratitude. Soon after, Huiying returned to the city and "flowers" when she helped in the store. She received a pot of daisies every day, but she didn't know who sent it. Huiying in the city often went to the square to paint. One day, the police sat in front of Huiying with daisies in hand. The two slowly got to know each other. Huiying thought this was the man who often gave daisies and fell in love with her. took him. Huiying told him the story of the wooden bridge and Daisy, but the police did not respond. These scenes were seen by the killer. The killer was the one who sent flowers and repaired the bridge, but the identity of the killer meant that he could not confess to Huiying. The police could protect Huiying better, and the killer could only pay silently.

3.The Attorney

Politics Crime Based on True History Kang-ho Song Lawyers Courtroom Trials

A Korean classic film interprets a defender who dares to face absolute power in the dark

In the 1980s, South Korea set off a boom in real estate speculation, allowing lawyers to handle real estate certificates on their behalf. Song had a brilliant mind, seized this opportunity, played a legal edge ball, and started a real estate registration business. After arduous publicity in the early stage, Da Song's law firm was flourishing and business was booming. Da Song especially likes to go to a snack bar to eat, because the hostess Aunt Cui gave him a meal. When he was at his worst, he let him eat a full meal. After he developed, Da Song often took care of Aunt Cui's business. But one day, the store suddenly closed, and Da Song found out after some inquiries that Aunt Cui's son Zhenyu had disappeared mysteriously. Aunt Cui couldn't find his son and went crazy. The mystery was quickly solved. At that time, South Korea’s left-wing radical ideas were rampant, and the National Security Law cases emerged one after another. The Fuliandu case was one of them. As an advanced student, Zhenyu read a few more books and shared some with friends. point of view, was involved in this "literary prison". The haggard Aunt Cui found out about Zhenyu's whereabouts after several twists and turns, but she couldn't see her son's face at all. She knelt down and begged Da Song to defend herself. In the end, the judge and the lawyers reached a private agreement, the lawyers would not appeal, and the court granted the students parole after two years. Whose victory is this is really ridiculous, pathetic and pitiful.

4.Crime City

Don Lee Crime Gangster Violent Gore Action

Korean classic crime movie!

The movie is adapted from real events. There are two gangs under the jurisdiction of the male protagonist, Uncle Ma, namely the Yishuai Gang and the Viper Gang. Although the two gangs do not like each other, due to the existence of Uncle Ma, the two gangs also Don't dare to be too harsh. This rare harmony was broken by the so-called "Black Dragon faction" led by Zhang Qian. After killing the leader of the Viper Gang, Uncle Ma realized this new evil force. In order to prove that he has the ability to unify the Korean gangsters, Zhang Qian also had thoughts on the remaining Yishuai Gang. After the bribe was unsuccessful, Zhang Qian started killing at the birthday banquet of the Yishuai Gang leader's mother. This unrestrained and extremely arrogant crime angered Uncle Ma, and the police were even more outraged, and ordered Zhang Qian to be arrested immediately.