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"Spider-Man" Lost His Super Powers And Became A Disabled Person Who Can Only Live On A Ventilator! Romantic Movie "Breathe"

1.The Theory of Everything

Eddie Redmayne Science Disabled Hawking Biography Romance Marriage

Eddie Redmayne won the Best Actor Oscar for this movie!

The film tells the story of the famous physicist Stephen William Hawking and his first wife Jane Wilde who met and fell in love. story. The outer shell of this film is a biopic and inspirational film, but the inner core is a very human emotional film. As a love biographical film, the film cuts more from the trivia of life. Soft tones, deep soundtrack, no dramatic plot reversals, no deliberately provocative rendering of grief. At the beginning of the movie, Hawking and his classmates were riding bicycles and boats on campus; the corners of his mouth raised during the conversation, his head tilted slightly to the right, and occasionally sly eyes showed, all of which showed the vitality, confidence and pride of young Hawking. , focus and innocence. In the later time, the icy wheelchair left sadly when celebrating his doctorate with friends, and watched his son's eyes as he endured pain silently on the stairs. I can't help but feel sad when I see it.

2.The Sessions

Sex Comedy Disabled Touching Virgin

He got rid of virginity at the age of 38, and disabled people also deserve to have sex!

The film is based on real events, and most of them use the real names of the parties involved. The actor Mark O'Brien lay on a gurney and slowly drove to the ceremony site. As a man, he officially graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. He majored in English and became a journalist and poet, enough to support himself financially. But in life, he was still inseparable from the care of his nurses. After all, he was only able to move from the neck up, and he was able to type, turn, and dial the phone with a wooden stick in his mouth. Mark's coverage of "disabled sex" opens doors to a new world. This movie really does it all about sex, sex, and dew points without being lewd. It's not about desire, it's more about emotion. A tribute to sex that leaves you with only the words divine and great. And through the cognition of sex, people learn to love and make people a complete person. A lot of emotional details are done very delicately. The last poem is also very touching.


 Andrew Garfield spiderman disabled romance touching marriage

Originally predicted by the doctor that he could only live for three months, he lived an extra thirty years!

The film is adapted from a real person, the actor Robin, originally his life was very happy. He met the gentle and beautiful Diana, and the two quickly fell in love. Proposing, getting married, having children... They have very good plans for the future. However, when Robin was 28 years old, an accident happened. After a tennis match, Robin suddenly fell to the ground. Doctors later announced that Robin had polio, paralyzed, and had to rely on a ventilator to survive. Doctors also predicted that Robin could live up to three months. It was like a bolt from the blue for Robin's wife. At this time, she was about to give birth, but her husband could only rely on a ventilator to maintain his life. Faced with such a situation, the wife never gave up. She accompanied her husband lying on the hospital bed day after day, taking care of him meticulously.

4.Revolutionary Road

Kate Winslet Leonardo DiCaprio titanic marriage tragedy

Is marriage the grave of love?

At the beginning of the film, April and Frank fall in love at first sight. The film does not spend time talking about the experience of the two of them in love. All the two are already the parents of two children, and the first scene after they enter the marriage is a fierce quarrel. The quarrel first revolved around April's poor stage performance, and then extended to attacks on each other's failed lives. Two people who were originally in love can quickly become weapons for hurting each other. Life destroys them first, and then begins to destroy every aspect of life, including the love between them, and the appearance of family harmony.