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The Best Animated Film Of The Year "Luca" Starts An Adventure In Summer!


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This is a must see movie in summer!

The story takes place in Italy, and the protagonists are two young sea monsters, Luca and Albert. Abandoned by his father early, Albert wandered between land and sea. Luca has lived in the sea since he was a child, following the teachings of his parents and never touching the "monsters" (human beings) on land. The sea monster in the film has a very interesting setting. When it does not touch the water, it is a normal human appearance. As soon as it touches the water, it immediately changes back to its original shape. By chance, the two become friends and play crazy on land every day. , play until late at night before going home. In the name of love, Luca's mother plans to send it to the dark sea for training. Luca was not happy now, and decided to run away from home and go with Albert to get a small motorcycle on land to travel around the world. In the dream, Luca and Albert ran on a small motorcycle. The two travel to an Italian seaside town where they meet Julia. The trio decided to participate in a triathlon (swimming, eating pasta, riding a bicycle) for their dream motorcycle.

2.Ron's Gone Wrong

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Would you be happy without your cell phone? This movie tells you the answer

Barney is a middle school student with a social disability. Ron, his brand new device for walking, communicating, and digitally connecting. Ron was Barney's "best friend out of the box." In the context of social media, Ron's hilarious glitch takes them on an action-packed journey where boy and robot embrace the beauty and chaos of real friendship. The educational significance contained in the film is just like the real world, where everyone is using their mobile phones. Everyone looks happy, but is it really so? Are mobile phones bringing us more friends? Or have we lost our old friends?


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The adventure of the girl who left home and the Yeti!

The movie tells the story of a girl who lost her father, Xiaoyi, who stumbled upon the snow monster Damao on the roof of her building. After learning that it was caught in the city by humans, Xiaoyi decided to send it back to its hometown, the Himalayas. A story of an adventurous journey. In the film, Xiaoyi is a girl who has lost her father. She lives with her mother and grandmother. She has always been optimistic and cheerful and closed herself up after her father's death. Since her father's death, Xiaoyi has never played the violin again. , She worked hard to make money just to explore the scenic spots that her father once described to her. In this context, the arrival of Da Mao disrupted Xiaoyi's own plans, but in order to protect Da Mao from being hurt by others, he had to send Da Mao home, and Da Mao was also full of humanity. When the photos came out, Da Mao silently helped Xiaoyi go to these places after he understood it. In this regard, Xiaoyi, Da Mao and Peng Peng and A Jun broke in halfway, and started their different journey.


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The movie explains what it means to live a life of adventure and become a brand-new self!

The elf Ian received a wand left by his late father on his 16th birthday, and attached a spell that could make his body return to the earth for a day. Ian, who is not skilled in magic, accidentally conjured only his father's lower body. In order to see his father again, he and his brother Barley, who is also an elf, took half of his father's body and embarked on the road to find the Philosopher's Stone. On the road of adventure, Barley kept telling the elves not to use the wings on their backs as ornaments, and they could apply flying magic to allow themselves to fly. But it was used by the elves to find fault, and you can taste blindly sentimental in the jokes of you chasing me: no one remembers our history, and we forget that we can fly. For the lost history, we tend to selectively forget, until one day a child's innocent inquiry reminds us of where we came from.