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He Killed 13 Girls In A Row Just To Make A Peerless Perfume! The Movie "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" Where Lust And Blood Coexist

1.Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

murder crime blood lust

Man murders women just to preserve their scents?In order to create the world's finest perfume, the man kills his lovers to preserve their ultimate scent

Adapted from the novel of the same name, the film tells the story of an abandoned baby in the 18th century. In a bad upbringing environment, although he has an excellent olfactory talent and became a master of perfume, he tried to preserve the woman's body fragrance and killed more than a dozen consecutively. A young girl. In the eighth century, Grenouille was born in Paris. Although he was orphaned shortly after his birth and had a poor education, Grenouille was born with an amazing talent for smells: whether it was foul or fragrant, he remembered them and could easily distinguish them. Various smells. When entering the city for the first time, Grenouille was deeply attracted by the body fragrance of a young girl, but due to her experience in an autistic orphanage and her long-term work, Grenouille was not good at interpersonal communication, and was afraid of the girl screaming. He accidentally suffocated the girl, but he also smelled an unforgettable smell on the girl's body. The girly body scent made him unforgettable, but Grenouille wanted to have that scent forever, so he used his talent to get a new life, he started helping the declining master perfumers make new perfumes, and learned how to preserve the smell of the item.

2.Cobalt Blue

BL Erotic Romance CP

A girl falls in love with one of the gay couple?When a brother and sister fall in love with the same man, ensuing events shatter a traditional Marathi family

Brother and sister fell in love with the same man, and fell into the mire of love at the same time. The incestuous feelings full of worldly challenges, but everywhere exudes the brilliance of literary poetry. Under the main line of love, the film has added a story line of women's self-recognition and independence. Both stories are anti-metaphors to the reality of today's Indian society, and they do have very personalized ideological expressions. The filming is ambiguous and restrained, like a demon in love, slowly capturing the delicate and soft soul of the audience in a subtle way. It is also rare to see such literary and artistic Indian films. It is different from the stereotype left by traditional Indian films. Music is also an indispensable and important element. However, most of the film music in this film is slow music or light music, and the rhythm is relatively low. Soothing, making the viewing experience extremely comfortable for the audience.

3.King Kong

king kong classic hollywood sci-fi monster orangutan

A monster with a tender heart? Watch King Kong protects Naomi Watts from dinosaurs and climb the Empire State again!

The film tells the story of the United States in 1933. An entrepreneur and filmmaker who dares to take risks leads a film crew to a desert island to shoot, including the heroine Ann and screenwriter Jack. They encounter dinosaurs and local aboriginal attacks. The scream was exchanged for King Kong's response. This huge orangutan, even the fierce dinosaurs are afraid of it, but it is in love with An. After being rescued by King Kong, An began to change his view of King Kong, and watched a beautiful sunset with King Kong. . The team that rescued Ann was killed and injured countless times along the way. Carl also lost the camera and film that he regarded as life. In order to turn the book, Carl and the captain conspired to capture King Kong. When Jack brought Ann back to the ship, King Kong who followed Caught by Carl and brought back to New York.

4.The Tunnel

Doona Bae disaster brutal true event korean movie disaster political satire

While waiting for rescue inside a collapsed tunnel, Ha Jung-woo discovers the deep-seated flaws of Korean society

The movie tells that the male protagonist who drove into the tunnel unfortunately collapsed. Fortunately, he used his mobile phone to get in touch with the outside world in time. The rescue scene that followed was so grand that it gave rise to the illusion that the collapsed tunnel seemed to set up a big stage for politicians and journalists to appear. The former made an appearance on TV and said that it would do everything in its power to save people, while the latter's drone flew into the tunnel like a locust impatiently. But among these people who seem to be watching the scene with concern, in fact, how many of them actually care about the safety of the male protagonist?