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A Married Woman Falls In Love With A Prisoner On Death Row! Film "Breath"


Ki-duk Kim Erotic Prison Crime Affair Forbidden Love Zhang Zhen Marriage Romance

Woman falls for a criminal...Man sentenced to death falls for his strange visitor?

The male protagonist of the film is a prisoner who is waiting for the death penalty after killing his son and his wife. In a desperate cell, he tried to stab himself in the throat with a sharp awl, and ended up being dumb. Because the heroine knew about her husband's extramarital affair, her concept of love began to change. At this time, the TV news appeared on the male lead. The heroine suddenly developed an inexplicable feeling for him, so Yan tried her best to find him in prison. The heroine, who originally just wanted to take revenge on her husband, gradually developed sympathy for him and then sublimated into love. The two wounded hearts found a source of mutual warmth. Although there was no future relationship that was not allowed, they still fell in love, a death row prisoner. The love that, although unable to save his life, saved his soul. In the end, the relationship was discovered by the husband, and the man took his woman.

2.The Girlfriend Experience

erotic female

A day in the life of a call girl...Watch how Sasha Grey spend her days as rich men's 'girlfriends' 

The movie heroine Chelsea got a high-paying job in New York because of her excellent appearance. What does this job require? Chat with the guests during the day, and meet the physiological needs of the guests at night. Chelsea's chats with guests ranged from high-flying to low-key, and of course economics and politics. Troubled, they are all pouring out their troubles to Chelsea. One said to her that he wanted to buy gold, and the other complained that the project he was talking about was taken away by another firm. Chelsea always listened carefully, and she fulfilled the beautiful fantasy of these successful men about their girlfriends. But in fact, Chelsea has a long-term boyfriend. This special occupation made her lose herself.

3.In The House

voyeur virtual teacher

"Peeping Tom" fell in love with a classmate's mother?The Oedipus boy who likes to peep falls in love with his teacher and classmate's mother?

Gilman, a literature teacher at a French high school, asked students to write weekly diaries to improve their writing skills. Among the many scribbled assignments, Gilman found the article written by 16-year-old Claude interesting. This student is usually inconspicuous. Taking advantage of the opportunity to teach mathematics to classmate Raphael, he accidentally began to observe the daily life of the family and recorded their daily activities in detail in the article. Claude claimed that his mother ran away from home, his father was injured in work and was in bad health, and his classmate Raphael's family life satisfied his fantasy of a middle-class family, so he began to peep. Before he knew it, Gilman was so drawn to this particular "serial story" that he shared it with his wife, Jenna. As the plot deepens, Claude's story, Gilman's imagined story, and Gilman's real life merge into one scene, making it difficult to distinguish between reality and fiction.

4.The Bow

Erotic Forbidden Love Korean Movie Art Film Ki-duk Kim

Shocking! 70-year-old man falls in love with 17-year-old adopted daughter...The old man imprisoned the girl on a fishing boat, and the foreign male college student tried to take the girl to escape, but in the end...

The film revolves around a fishing old man and a girl who is about to come of age. The girl is the fiancée that the old man picked up when she was still young to marry him when she was an adult. As the story progresses, there is a young boy who catches the girl's attention. The old man repelled and expelled such things as usual, and even "shooted" the young man with a bow and arrow, intimidating him to give up the idea of possessing a girl. But the two still took advantage of the old man to escape by ferry together. The old man, who found them fleeing, chose to hang himself with the ropes of the ferry boat. The girl found that the ferry was moving slowly and was dragging the big fish boat behind, and then turned around to find the old man who was about to be strangled to death. The girl burst into tears and finally chose to hold a wedding with the old man with the help of the young man.