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The Movie "Birthday", Based On A True Event, Topped The Korean Box Office For 16 Consecutive Days!


Sci-Fi Action Thriller Adventure

The girl accidentally travels to the future world with advanced technology. What challenges will she face?

At the beginning of the 20th century, Edison, Eiffel, the chief designer of the Paris Tower, Nikola Tesla, the "father of alternating current", and other top scientists and artists formed a secret group to jointly create an ideal plan - Tomorrowland, rumors In the book, Walt Disney is also one of the founders, and in his relics there is a black box containing a mysterious mechanism. But this plan has an accident, and "Tomorrow's World" has since disappeared. Frank had witnessed "Tomorrowland" with his own eyes when he was a teenager, but he lived a semi-reclusive life after the accident, until the smart girl Cathy came to the door. Cathy was passionate about science and life, and accidentally discovered the mysterious badge. She needs Frank's assistance to decipher scattered clues and find the "tomorrowland" hidden in the mysterious time and space to change the fate of mankind...


Matt Damon Sci-Fi Action Thriller Adventure

Two extreme worlds on different planets! How do people survive in such a world?

The film mainly tells about the fact that in the 22nd century, human technology has become more and more developed. On the contrary, due to people's greed, urban human beings have become more and more scarce, and many people have abandoned their homes in order to seek a new living environment. The wealth of people in the movie is monopolized, the distribution of resources is seriously unbalanced, the earth is as dirty as ruins, and everyone suffers from poverty and hunger, while in another world in the sky, there is peace and freedom, highly developed technology, and even any disease can be Instantly healed. Two extreme worlds on different planets, one side is the struggle for mastery of all rights, and the other side is the pursuit of body regeneration.


disaster korean brutal rescue

The film based on true events topped the Korean box office for 16 consecutive days!

Five years ago, April 16, was a day that made South Korea and the world mourned. The cruise ship "Shiyue" carrying 476 people suffered an accident and sank unexpectedly. After the accident, they received a notice to stay put and wait for rescue. However, the South Korean government has missed the golden rescue time for unknown reasons. In the end, 304 people on board were killed, including 250 high school students. True to its name, this is a story of living people giving birthdays to accident victims. The film uses the family of the victims as the narrative point of view. There is no violent accident scene in the whole process, but it makes people cry. In such an event, the pain faced by the families of the victims far exceeds our imagination.

4.El hoyo

Thriller Dystopian Sci-Fi Hollywood

The contradiction between ideal and reality in this film reveals the evil of human beings when resources are scarce!

The beginning of the film is haunted by a puzzling, dark and terrifying atmosphere. The male protagonist Glenn was assigned to the 48th floor of the prison from the moment he opened his eyes for some reason. This is a dystopian society, in which people don't know how many floors there are, only that the table where food is distributed every day will go from the top to the bottom. Competing for food and survival is the only thing they do every day. The height of the 48th floor is not high, but it is still too difficult compared to the extravagant life of the top-level prison, in other words, it belongs to the middle class of society. Although the actor Glenn has a grudge in his heart, he cannot change the status quo of the prison. After living on the 48th floor for a month, Glenn, who considers himself to be a senior in his heart, finally succumbed to the hunger in human nature and began to get used to eating the food left by others on the table. Soon a month has passed and a new prison life is about to begin...