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South Korea's First Epic Historical Period Drama "Mr. Sunshine" Received High Ratings As Soon As It Was Broadcast!

1.Love Alarm

love triangle secret love campus youth romance So-hyun Kim Kang Song

So-hyun Kim and Kang Song's romantic campus love!

The bell means "like". Open the app, as long as I ring your love bell, it means I like you. In the same way, if the other person also rings your bell, it means that you like each other and can be together. It saves the tedious temptation and entanglement of a pair of men and women, saves the ambiguous process in the middle, and makes the mind straightforward and simple. The birth of Love Bell was the result of a gifted high school student who dared not express his love to his goddess. That's why the love bell is so popular on campus that basically everyone uses it. But the heroine was the one who reacted the most indifferently. It's not that she doesn't follow trends, but because her mobile phone doesn't support the download of the Love Ring app. Having lost her parents since childhood, she is currently boarding with her aunt. She lived a very hard life. In order to pay off her parents’ debts during her lifetime, and to earn medical expenses for her grandmother, she either helped her aunt to watch the shop after school, or went to work in a barbecue shop. So she became friends with the boy who also worked in the kebab shop. Later, because of the appearance of the male protagonist, the three started a love triangle mixed with secret love and sweet love!

2.Youth of May

Tragedy Political Movement Love Triangle Sadism

The man she loves is engaged to her best friend! How should she face her love?

The drama is a tragic love story between Hee Tae and Myung Hee, who fell into each other like fate in the era of the Gwangju democratization movement in the spring of 1980 in South Korea. The male protagonist, Hwang Hee-tae, went to school in Seoul (Seoul University), and was chased and injured by the guards because his friend participated in the pro-democracy movement, and fled to Hwang Hee-tae's residence. Because a friend wanted to go home and have a look, Huang Xitai went to Gwangju to go through the transfer procedures, and happened to meet the heroine Jin Mingxi and the gangster quarreling, which resulted in a series of sadistic journeys. The heroine, Jin Mingxi, wanted to study in Germany, but had no money for plane tickets, so she agreed to her girlfriend's request to go on a date in exchange for plane tickets. From then on, Hwang Hee Tae and Kim Myung Hee's dating began! With romantic dating comes the suppression of dark reality!

3.Mr. Sunshine

Tae-ri Kim Byung-hun Lee revolution History Korean Drama Tragedy Love Triangle Crush

New themes, big investment, luxurious cast, an ambitious Korean drama!

The play mainly tells about the changes in North Korea from the 1870s to the early 20th century, as well as the dealings of various forces under the great changes of the times... The male protagonist Cui Yujin, born in a slave family in feudal society, his father was beaten to death by the master, His mother threw himself into a well, fled to the United States when he was young, and returned to his homeland with a mission as an American colonel. The heroine Ko Ae-shin, a North Korean noble, whose parents were killed by traitors while on a mission in Japan, was raised by her grandfather and aspired to become a soldier who defends his family and the country. The second male, Gu Dongmei, the son of the butcher, was rescued by the female protagonist and fled to Japan, and later became the head of the Japanese gang in North Korea, secretly helping Japan. The second female daughter, Kudo Yanghua, the owner of the Glory Hotel, because her father is a Korean, works for Japan. She was sold to the Japanese by her father, and then her Japanese husband died unexpectedly and inherited a large amount of property from her Japanese husband. The third male, Kim Hee-sung, is a North Korean nobleman, the fiancé of the female lead, the second-generation ancestor who is ignorant and incompetent, and the grandson of the man who killed the male lead's parents. The play revolves around the intricate love relationship of five people and the fate between each person and the country. In addition, the play's restoration of history is also very accurate, and many scenes imitate historical photos.

4.Lovestruck in the City

Romance Korean Drama Healing Chang-wook Ji  Ji-won Kim

Chang-wook Ji and Ji-won Kim's dreamy and shattered love fairy tale!

This drama tells the story of urban men and women who dream of becoming "another self" and seek happiness and love. They face their lives more bluntly and positively than anyone else. Ji Chang Wook plays Park Jae Won, a perfect, straightforward, and passionate architect. He is a romantic architect who likes urban alleys. He has never been able to forget the "camera thief" who stole his heart and disappeared like a Midsummer Night's Dream. . Kim Ji-won plays Lee Eun-woo, a marketer who impulsively leaves the city for a strange place and falls in love with Park Jae-won as another person. After the trip, the heroine deliberately escaped and stayed away from the hero, but unexpectedly, in an accident, the two were linked by fate!