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14 Years Later, "The Dark Knight" Is Still The Best Superhero Movie!

1.Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot Chris Pine DC Superheroes Women Save the World Superpowers Action Adventure Sci-Fi Fantasy

The goddess of Paradise Island does not understand what love is?

From heaven to earth, from outlier to civilization, from isolated island to city, from a noble princess to a hero who saves the common people. When Wonder Woman first left Paradise Island, she didn't know what love was. The mother's meticulous care and the teacher's strict training are all love in disguise, but this kind of family love has become accustomed to her, but she has not experienced it deeply. And the mission given by Zeus to the Amazons against Ares, the god of war, to save mankind is not love for her, but a heavy responsibility. Only Steve made her ignorant, and tasted the taste of being loved. Later, Wonder Woman, who has experienced two world wars, is still radiant. She integrated into civilized society and joined the superhero Justice League organization. She once fought alongside Captain America, Iron Man, and Batman, but she took off At the moment of the uniform, she reverted to the girl who was in love at the beginning. Facing the yellowed old photos, she returned to the scene of the war a hundred years ago, and wanted to say to the young man who left her: "I love you!"


Johnny Depp Amber Heard Superpower Action Adventure Sci-Fi Fantasy Jason Momoa James Wan

This half-naked man turned the world upside down

Neptune's mother, Atlana, escaped from the sea to the earth in order to escape the arranged marriage, and met the lighthouse guardian on land. The two gave birth to a mixed-race Neptune. However, in order to protect her husband and son, they had to return to the sea to complete the marriage. Before leaving, he also put down the prophecy: Aquaman will become the man who unifies the continent and the ocean, giving birth to the movie's villain, Aum. Sea King has the ability to communicate with sea creatures, which is different from pure blood. Got the key from the undercover Vico, brought the fiancee of his teammate's younger brother, experienced the siege and interception sent by Aum, experienced all kinds of hardships, split the trench country and rescued his mother, and finally Sea King relied on his own mixed blood The advantage of getting the genuine trident that can rule the four seas.


Chris Hemsworth Natalie Portman Tom Hiddleston Superpower Action Adventure Sci-Fi Fantasy Marvel Save the World Superhero

The self-growth of a generation of kings!

Brave and good at fighting Thor, he is revered as the heir to the throne of Asgard in the eternal realm. However, due to a reckless action, he nearly provoked an ancient war, so he was exiled to the world by his father, the god Odin. Thor met the beautiful female scientist Jane Foster and her work partner in the world. With their help, Thor found the Thor's hammer that was demoted with him, but the Thor's hammer at this time was not belong to him. During this time, in order to become the king of Asgard, Thor's younger brother Loki actually united with the ice giants in an attempt to cause a bloody storm in the eternal realm. In order to maintain the law of the eternal realm, four of Thor's friends also came to the world, and they decided to take Thor back to the eternal realm. At this time, in order to prevent Thor from returning to the eternal realm, Loki sent the giant to kill Thor. Incapacitated and fighting the French, Thor gave his life to protect innocent humans and his friends. Thor's death broke the spell of the gods, and Thor was resurrected and regained the power of Thor to defeat the giants. At this time, the life of the gods is in danger, and Thor must return to the eternal realm with his friends to maintain the laws there...

4.The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan Heath Ledger Superpower Action Adventure Sci-Fi Fantasy Save the World Superhero DC Joker Cop Diablo

The film became very popular as soon as it was released, and once topped the IMDb Top 250 list, with a global box office of 1 billion, becoming the box office champion of the year.

Under Nolan's handling, the style of this sequel is even more "dark" than its predecessor, and the film is more mature. It packs a very realistic superhero story in the style of a realistic police and bandit film, not only successfully excavating the deep character of the character, but also endows the story with rich human philosophy, elevating the comic film to a new level. This also makes the film the first superhero movie in film history to enter the "$1 billion club". The film opens with a gang of clowns robbing a bank. The Joker pulls the gang together with the police, the city government, and Batman, the vigilante in Gotham City. The Joker is not an unfathomable figure, he is an extremely anti-rule, anti-social high-IQ perverted thug and terrorist. When Batman successfully captured Liu who fled back to Hong Kong and handed it over to Gordon, the gang had to agree to hire the Joker to kill Batman. After the Joker was hired, he used a Batman impersonator to announce to the entire Gotham City that as long as Batman didn't turn himself in for one day, someone would die every day in the future.