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The Innocent Girl Meets The Playboy Again After A One-night Stand, Only To Find That He Is Her Boss! K-drama "My Secret Romance"

1.My Secret Romance

Romantic Korean Drama Comedy A Business Proposal

Domineering CEO and innocent girl meet again after a one-night stand and start an office romance!

The male protagonist is a rich second generation who wants to inherit his father's family business. Usually, there is no shortage of luxury cars and beauties, and the poor only have money. As for the heroine, she is a nutritionist. She usually wears black-rimmed glasses and a black suit like a messenger from the underworld. She has no love experience... The heroine came to the resort hotel to attend her mother's remarriage. The man was sent to the hotel by his father. From the grassroots level, the two met in the resort. So two people who were separated from their parents and had a lot of thoughts drove their sports car to the beach to relax. Under the influence of alcohol, the two, who had not known each other for a long time, couldn't help having a one-night stand in the car. The timeline jumped to 3 years later. After the male protagonist was humiliated, he became no longer interested in girls in the past few years, and devoted himself to work. And the heroine realized her dream and became a nutritionist. It was just such a coincidence that she happened to be assigned to the male protagonist's company as a chef again, and the bad relationship between the two began again...

2.Warm and Cozy

romantic healing jeju island

The boy mistakenly thought that the girl was terminally ill, and after a long time together, he still fell in love with her involuntarily!

The male protagonist loves Jeju Island because of the girl he has a crush on. In order to win her heart, he opens a "good mood and warm" restaurant in Jeju Island and serves as the head chef, looking forward to falling in love with the girl. But the heroine is facing the lowest ebb in her life. Not only was she deceived by her boyfriend and her younger brother, but she also received the bad news of layoffs without warning from the company when she came to Jeju Island. Ten years ago, when the two met again due to misunderstanding, the male protagonist mistakenly thought that the female protagonist had an incurable disease. Because of sympathy, the male protagonist allowed the female protagonist to have a "good mood and warm" restaurant during her lifetime. People live under the same roof and get along with each other day and night, resulting in ambiguous feelings. When the misunderstanding of the heroine's illness was resolved, that emotion was really just sympathy. How should the two determine each other's hearts, a sweet and painful love test their sincerity.

3.Marriage Not Dating

romantic healing comedy marriage

A woman who wants to get married meets a man who is not married. In order to get rid of the family, they negotiate a fake marriage, but they can't help but fall in love!

This drama mainly tells the story of a woman who wants to get married, but is cheated by her boyfriend. In order to break up with her, her boyfriend designed a trap, so the two broke up inexplicably. As a plastic surgeon, the male protagonist has naturally created a lot of beautiful women, but he is indeed a non-marriage person, with a good family background and good looks, but he has no interest in marriage. So in order to let the mother hand over her financial power with peace of mind, the male protagonist and the female protagonist started a fake couple mode. But what follows is the truth, kindness, and simplicity of the heroine. Gradually, the male protagonist has a touch of heartbeat, but another actor in the play also has the same feelings for the female protagonist, but the female protagonist doesn't like him. Since the male and female protagonists played fake couples, all the embarrassing things that Zhu Qiangwei has experienced have been seen by the male protagonist, so I think of the female protagonist every night, and slowly the two officially confirmed each other's relationship. After the relationship, decided to be together.

4.Missing You

Jin-goo Yeo So-hyun Kim Romantic Sadism First Love Crush Love Triangle Revenge Crime

Once the show aired, it won the championship of the year! First love, love triangle, affectionate sadomasochism, it has all the plots you want to see!

The male protagonist transferred from abroad and returned to China due to family reasons. By coincidence, he was in the same class as the female protagonist. Two people who seem like freaks to other classmates become good friends. But because of the special family background of the male protagonist, the two were kidnapped. Unfortunately, the heroine was sexually assaulted by the kidnappers, and the boy escaped tactfully and wanted to ask for help. But it is a pity that there is no one who can help in the wild mountains and mountains. Years later, the male protagonist became a criminal policeman with guilt, while the tragic family encounter of the female protagonist and the kidnapping incident made her no longer hopeful for life. The little boy she accidentally rescued took her to seek a new life abroad. She also became an excellent fashion designer. She wants to forget the past, because she had to return to China because of the death of her aunt. The heroine once again recalled her tragic childhood. After meeting the hero, can they release their suspicions and start again?