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Doctor Strange 2 is coming soon!

1.Alchemy of Souls

Romance·Ancient Costume·K-Drama(Release Date:2022/6/18)

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Romance	Ancient Costume K-Drama

South Korea's latest costume fairy drama! Starring Lee Jae-wook! A powerful witch possessed a blind girl and unexpectedly met a man from a prominent background. How did they grow and gain love?

2.The Umbrella Academy Season 3

Comedy·Action·Adventure(Release Date:2022/6/22)

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Comedy Action Adventure

Sparrow Academy appears and clashes with Umbrella Academy? What tough problem will the Umbrella Academy tackle to find a way back to the pre-apocalyptic world?

3.Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Sci-Fi·Action·Horror(Release Date:2022/6/22)

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Sci-Fi Action Horror

Marvel's high reputation movie is finally online! Doctor Strange fights fiercely with Scarlet Witch who has become evil?

4.Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area

Crime·Thriller·Suspense(Release Date:2022/6/24)

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Crime Thriller Suspense

The Korean version of "House of Paper"! There was a robbery at the mint, South Korea and North Korea work together but face internal and external troubles! A conspiracy is brewing!

5.Man vs. Bee

Comedy·Mr. Bean(Release Date:2022/6/24)

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Comedy Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean is going to be the housekeeper! And as a result he had a hilarious fight with a bee who accidentally broke in! Mr. Bean VS bee, who won the final victory?