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An Extramarital Affair Between A Young Actress"Min-hee Kim" And An Internationally Renowned Director"Sang-soo Hong"! They Turned Reality Into A Movie 'On the Beach at Night Alone'


Hirokazu Koreeda Theft Family Crime Child Growth Domestic Violence Healing

The family's life is supported by grandma's pension. Why does the old woman say thank you before her death? You'll sympathize with what happened to them after reading it!

The film mainly tells the story of a family of "thieves" who live on old women's pensions and stealing. They are not related by blood, and a group of abandoned people form a family. They do not have the high-spirited striving and enterprising spirit, they do not come to their senses to turn their backs on the righteous and abandon the dark to the light, and they do not steal the shameful and deplorable moral integrity of the old. They are a group of little people struggling to survive at the bottom. This Shibata family of six "strangers" is full of contradictions. Shibata and his wife have a criminal record, and Aji killed Shindai's ex-husband in a fight. They use the pension of their grandmother, Shibata Hatsue, to support the family without any burden. Aji also took his child Shota to steal things, and told Shota that only children who cannot study at home should go to school. "Mother" Xindai works in a laundry factory. She often takes care of things left in her clothes by customers. She also steals clothes when she takes her new child, Lingling, to buy clothes.

2.On the Beach at Night Alone

Min-hee Kim extramarital affair true event berlin international film festival best actress korea

The film provides a penetrating glimpse into the emotional relationship between a young actress and a married man, a woman who constantly experiences the anxiety of longing and the pain of disappointment in the process.

Young Hee is a famous Korean actress. After ending an extramarital affair with a married man, she travels to far-flung Hamburg. Here, she had a long conversation with a friend. She asked herself if love would follow, even when people lost themselves, or lost themselves in others. In Hamburg, in an empty park, by a lonely river, Yong-hee walks alone, thinking. Eventually, she saw her future, her feelings and her desires. Back in Korea, Yongxi met with some of his old friends in Gangneung, and they ate, drank and chatted.

3.Umimachi Diary

female healed japanese family

There is no pain that this movie cannot heal!

The story takes place in a small seaside town in Japan, where three sisters live together. The eldest sister is fortunately a hospital nurse. She has a gentle and beautiful appearance. She is very strong. After her parents left home one after another, she took on the burden of the family and took care of her two younger sisters. She works as a counter clerk in a bank; the third sister, Qianjia, is a quirky otaku who has a carefree personality and works part-time in a sports goods store. They lived a peaceful and fun life as always, until one day the eldest sister received a news that her father had passed away. Their father cheated in marriage and gave birth to a daughter. At their father's funeral, the three sisters met their father's fourth daughter for the first time. Seeing that their sister was abused by their stepmother, they decided to live with her.

4.Sky of Love

campus CP youth secret love first love touching

The most touching campus romance movie in Japan!

In the summer of 2000, the girl Mika met a boy of the same age and started a sweet love. The two experienced many difficulties together, overcame all obstacles, and promised each other eternal love. But the good times didn't last long. In the second year of high school, the boy proposed to break up. Mika, who was suffering and lost her love, thought she would never have love again, but she was cured by the sudden appearance of the college student Yuu. In order to forget him, Mika began to date another boy. Afterwards, Mika and her boyfriend went to the same university. While they were happily preparing for Christmas, Mika suddenly learned a secret about the boy! It turned out that he had to leave himself because of cancer.