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A Vampire Falls In Love With A Human Girl! Can He Resist The Urge To Suck Blood? Classic Fantasy Movie "Twilight"

1.The Party

Sophie Marceau romance youth adolescence first love

Once the movie was released, she became the dream lover of all French men!

In the film, the girl's pure and beautiful friendship, sincere and enthusiastic emotions, forbearance of worries, and bright and beautiful smile are all well presented by Sophie Marceau. Many people even think that she is Xiaowei in the play. The heart-warming and lovable Xiao Wei also exists in reality. Her fresh and natural performance, without any blunt feeling, makes people move with every frown and smile. It is hard to imagine that this is the first work that Sophie Marceau shot when she was 14 years old. Emotionally, the 14-year-old Sophie has no experience. What is commendable is that she can perfectly present all the inner feelings of a girl who is just beginning to fall in love. Maybe the 14-year-old Sophie is indeed facing the awakening of pure love in her life. Maybe it is Its excellent acting talent and comprehension ability, for various reasons, finally let the audience see a screen image that everyone is attracted to. She was in love at first sight, she was crazy about love, she was sad, she was happy, and her emotions affected the plot and people's hearts, making people unforgettable for a long time.

2.He's Just Not That Into You

romance marriage cp brutal Jennifer Aniston Ben Affleck Bradley Cooper Scarlett Johansson

Women's fantasy love will be shattered by this film!

The film tells about the various situations that couples encounter in love and marriage. One of the heroines, Qiqi, is a passionate woman. She looks forward to love and is obsessed with pursuing love, but she has failed repeatedly. However, Kiki's two best friends, Janina and Beth, are very kind and good people. They competed to comfort Qiqi, and even gave many examples to tell Qiqi that in fact, those men just didn't know how to love her, they just felt that they were not worthy of her, so they ran away! These three women are busy with love and confused about love. Kiki couldn't hold it any longer and decided to take the initiative to go to the bar to meet the man, but unexpectedly she met her love mentor, Alex, the bar manager. Alex, who is a bit venomous, saw at a glance that the evasive Kiki was a woman who actively pursued men. From the perspective of an old driver, he gave Kiki advice and told Kiki sharply that the man did not take the initiative to fight. Calling you, just not interested in you. The man didn't take the initiative to contact you, he just didn't want to see you again. He just doesn't care about you, you don't have to expect yourself to be the exception at all, you're just the general case.


Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Romance CP Fantasy Vampire Gore Violent Mary Sue

The new Batman's previous life turned out to be a vampire?

Somewhere in the north of the United States, there lives a group of vampires and a group of werewolves. They usually look the same as normal humans. They will not show their original shape until they are stimulated. Under normal circumstances, they will not have anything to do with humans. There are, of course, exceptions to the intersection. For example, a vampire named Edward fell in love with a girl named Bella. At the beginning, Bella and Edward got along very well, but as time went on, Bella felt more and more fearful. bigger. There are three main reasons why she is afraid. First, she is afraid that other vampires in the Edward family will not be able to control their animal desires and will suck her blood. Second, she knows that vampires will never grow old. She became an old woman and would be disliked by Edward. Third, the Edward family killed another vampire a few days ago: James, she was worried that James' girlfriend Victoria would come to revenge, Bella told Edward about her fears, and Edward comforted him She said that his family would not suck human blood, and he would love her forever, even if she was old enough to lose all her teeth, he would still love her as always.

4.The Scent of Green Papaya

Romance Affair CP Master Oscar

The maid fell in love with her master! Is this the most romantic affair?

The film is the debut of a feature film written and directed by French-Vietnamese director Tran Hung Hoong. It was a film released in 1993 and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. The heroine Mei falls in love at first sight with Mr. Haorin, who is a guest at the host's house. But because of the disparity in status, she can only bury this love in her heart. Ten years later, when the master's family was in trouble, the eldest son's daughter-in-law suggested that Mei should be given to Mr. Haoren as a maid. Mei went to Mr. Haoren's house to work as a maid. She was still as diligent and curious as when she was a child. After a day of hard work, when you wash your body at night, you will inadvertently exude the charming temperament of a girl's pure desire. Mr. Haoren is a musician from a wealthy family. He is learned, talented, dignified and personable. He has a fiancee of the same family background as him, but he is attracted to Mei, who shares his character attributes, so he is not perfect. In dealing with emotional issues, he went to Mei's room without Mei's consent. When he was loyal, he didn't explain, and when his fiancee left in the rain, he didn't hold back.