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A 19-year-old Maid Fell In Love With Her Attending Physician! A Forbidden Love Across Classes "Augustine"

1.Crimes of the Future

Kristen Stewart thriller sci-fi fantasy

Lead by Kristen Stewart, R-Rated body horror

The film tells that in the near future, due to the development of artificial synthesis technology and changes in the environment, the human body is gradually adapting to the new environment. Some children are born with super digestive ability. For example, he can eat a whole piece of plastic, and the strong acid digestive system in the body can easily handle it. People's physical pain disappears, and cutting the skin is no longer a pain, but a wonderful pleasure. So much so that people self-mutilate each other for fun! Organs in the human body can regenerate, and performing an operation is a breeze. What's more, people see surgery as a kind of enjoyment. Because of the disappearance of pain, the interaction between the operator and the patient actually produced an incredible chemical reaction, similar to the feeling of sex.

2.Secret Window

Johnny Depp Thriller Affair Schizophrenia Murder Crime Mystery

Johnny Depp moved to the countryside, with secrets buried in the corn field outside his window...Who killed Johnny Depp's wife?

The film's hero, Renee, is going through the worst phase of his life. Emotionally, he drove to the hotel in the middle of the night and saw his wife and another man lying naked on the bed. At that moment, Renee roared almost frantically. Sad to end ten years of marriage, Renee never recovered. He moved out of the two people's villa in the city and went to a remote country house, wearing torn pajamas every day. Perhaps influenced by emotions, Renee, as a writer, is stuck in a bottleneck. Can't write anything, can't find the enthusiasm of the past. To make matters worse, a strange man, John, said he had plagiarized his own work. Then he found that the lights outside his house had been smashed, and that his beloved pet dog was motionless with a screwdriver stuck in the head. Renee felt more and more dangerous, so he decided to investigate, and after calling the police to no avail, he found a private detective. Detectives speculate that John is a crazy reader who can't tell the difference between reality and fiction. But what I didn't expect was that the detective also died, in the same way as his pet dog! Is John the murderer? Or someone else?

3.Blair Witch

horror thriller supernatural

The sister who went missing for 20 years is a wicked WITCH? College students go on adventure in the dark forest, encountering countless supernatural events...

James' sister has been missing for twenty years, and she is the protagonist of the once-disturbed legend of the Blair Witch in the Black Forest. James has always believed that her sister still lives in a corner of the Black Forest. One day, James saw a strange video on the Internet, and the person who recorded this video was his sister. In order to find the whereabouts of her sister, James and friends Pete, Lisa and Ashley together, Decided to revisit the place. But as the long night wore on, the group encountered horrors. They slowly begin to realize that the legend of Blair the Witch is more real and more sinister than they thought. When the film was filmed, the actors even knew only their own script and nothing about the other characters. This makes the performance of the actors confused and panicked in the forest more realistic, and the handheld photography also successfully creates a realistic atmosphere.


maid medical

19-year-old girl falls in love with her doctor! Forbidden love crossing the line of medical ethics

Nineteen-year-old Augustine, a maid, collapsed on the floor like an epileptic while serving dinner in a bourgeois family. Her repeated bouts of pain not only disrupted the peaceful life she was trying to live, but left her partially paralyzed and her right eye froze. In order to raise funds for the hospital, neuroscientist Professor Charcot used hypnotism to activate the disease in her body at the press conference. The unmanned virgin showed unsimulated orgasm symptoms in front of the public, which alarmed the medical community. , and also made the girl gradually become a star. However, the huge inner desire of the girl is also awakened unconsciously, and under the struggle of gender and class, the two step by step cross the moral boundary between medicine and disease.