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The Movie "The Cabin in the Woods" Features More Than 40 Characters From Classic Horror Movies, How Many Can You Recognize?

1.Hirugao: Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Affair Marriage Forbidden Love Romance

It's the most refreshing affair in Japan? Don't let the ending fool you...

This movie is a derivative of the TV series of the same name. It tells the story of a housewife who has done her housework seriously after sending her husband to the company, and fell in love with other men during the daytime on weekdays. The story of the cheating of the two housewives is used to project the relationship between husband and wife and society in Japanese society. ethics. The movie continued with the ending of the TV series, Shahe divorced, and Kitano, the derailed object, returned to his original family life. Sawa moved to a seaside town after the divorce. She thought she could start a new life, but she accidentally received a flyer that Kitano came to give a lecture. After suppressing her impulse to no avail, she still decided to secretly glance at him from a distance, but she didn't expect the eyes to meet. After leaving the lecture, the two passed each other several times, and finally reunited by a small stream. After that, the two embarked on a journey of pure love to find fireflies without speaking or physical contact.

2.Special Delivery

action adventure violence

She's the female version of Ma Dong-seok! As the best postwoman in South Korea, she's proficient in car-racing and fighting!

The film tells the story of an underground company specializing in delivering people to people. Although it is a type of express delivery industry, it belongs to an illegal industry. The female protagonist is the company's golden driver and is often entrusted by customers to pick up underworld people. The company's express delivery fee is also the highest. Yes, the female protagonist is also a North Korean defector. In the deformed country of North and South Korea, North Korean defectors have only two identities. One is to escape due to political oppression and economic constraints, and the other is to use bitter tactics to be North Korean. Agents sent to South Korea, regardless of their status, are ostracized and oppressed locally in South Korea. One day, she almost lost her life when she accepted a special order. When she saw the helplessness of the child, even if she didn't know it before, she would do her best to help him. Complex emotions may come from vulnerable groups, and they are all vulnerable groups, and they are all groups bullied by bad police and underworld elements. The heroine's care for him, in addition to completing the task and protecting the key, also has the tenderness of motherhood, and has the great significance of defeating the weak with the strong and defeating the evil with love.

3.The Change-Up

comedy fantasy

Ryan Reynolds trapped in the "Wife Swap Game" LOL! Playboy changes body with a mid-aged man. Someone's life turns upside down!

The film tells the story of Dave, a successful family man with lovely children and a charming wife, who devotes himself to his day-to-day work and taking care of his family. And the handsome Mickey is a playboy who fools around with girls every night. The two gradually feel tired of their existing life and want to try each other's life. The two spoke their wish of "I want your life" to the "goddess" in the fountain. Unexpectedly, the wish came true the next day. Dave in Mickey's body can date a sexy Cyberrina, while Mickey in Dave's body has to watch his beautiful wife do nothing.

4.The Cabin in the Woods

Horror Supernatural Gore Violent Monster Classic

How terrifying can a cabin full of zombie be...College students VS Zombies! Who can survive this blood massacre?

The film is not only a tribute to horror movie loyalty, but a mockery of the horror industry. In fact, the movie itself is a horror movie. Plump plots and stunning horror scenes, clever killing mode settings and bloody endings will never disappoint diehard fans of horror films. The ubiquitous anti-thinking, anti-routine settings and all kinds of spicy satire give the film a new meaning. The film is about a higher-than-average organization that controls everything in real life. They have to provide terrifying scenes for contestants selected from all over the world, and finally expect scary monsters to kill all contestants in order to make sacrifices to the gods underground, contestants do not know that they are manipulated, and the outcome of the competition is also related Organiser's success or failure.