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Vampire Girl Falls In Love With Her Hunter! The Love Of Two Girls Who Fell In Love And Killed Each Other In The Drama "First Kill"!

1.Ms. Marvel

Youth Campus Marvel Superhero Superpower Sci-Fi Fantasy Action Adventure

The latest Marvel Super hero is a sixteen-year-old teenage girl? Muslim girl accidentally inspires superpower!

This drama is the latest work tailored by Marvel for many young people. In order to distinguish it from the previous dramas, the film is set in the high school campus for the first time, making the whole film full of a kind of blowing face. Youthful breath. The heroine was born in a Muslim family in Jersey City, USA. Due to the influence of her ideas, her parents always disagreed with Kamala's appearance, and Kamala, who was unwilling to be trapped in a cage, decided to act willfully once, and she secretly joined her good friend Bruno. Run to the Avengers Show. I thought it was just an ordinary cosplay competition. Unexpectedly, by chance, Kamala obtained the coveted superpower and entered the superhero family.


Action Politics Revenge

Here comes the revenge plan of Kang Ha-neul!

The lead actor, the chief of the Judicial Training Institute, is about to graduate. He is imprisoned for investigation because of his mission and justice, but he loses everything. At the bottom of the prison, he starts to learn from playing cards and begins a game that changes his destiny. Although there is a highly intelligent businessman who is the first in judicial training, he is deceived by various selfish people around him, and he is constantly beaten and bullied. In the play, he is beaten during the day, gambling at night, and constantly active and passive Learn new skills. The heroine is an entrepreneur who hides a deadly charm. She has beauty and intelligence. In order to take revenge, she chooses the hero who has fallen into a prison as her tool for revenge!

3.First Kill

fantasy vampire les romance youth

There are lesbian vampires? When female vampire falls in love with the hunter... Hormone is in the air!

The young girl Juliet is a socially unsociable marginal person at school, and is also a bit strange in the eyes of her classmates. Her true identity is actually a vampire. Juliet's body changes gradually as she grows, and it becomes more and more difficult for her to control the supernatural impulses and powers in her body. In addition, she is about to usher in her first killing as a vampire to ensure her place in the powerful vampire family. So Juliet sets her sights on Cleopa, a new girl in town, but she doesn't know that Cleopa comes from a famous family of monster hunters, and her parents just happen to think that the daughter of a vampire hunter, is ready to kill her The first vampire prey.

4.Jinxed At First

K-drama Fantasy Witch Romance CP

Seo Hyun turns to the chapter of love. The unlucky man accidentally meets the goddess of luck, and the romance between the two begins...

Adapted from the popular webtoon of the same name, this drama is a heartwarming fantasy romance. It tells the story of Kong Shouguang, a human man with an unfortunate fate, and Sefi, a girl who can predict the future, and they jump into the unknown world to overcome the cruel fate. The heroine is the second generation of witches, she can predict the doom of others in advance and make them avoid them in advance. But they couldn't get rid of the bad luck they brought to them: they were imprisoned and used as prophecy tools. But she was curious about the outside world that she hadn't seen in twenty years. The chaebol was far away for a meeting in Dubai, and when he heard that Sefi escaped, he rushed back.