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Prison inmate Tang Wei fell in love with the liar Hyun Bin! Tang Wei won numerous awards for the film "Late Autumn"

1.Fire Island


The is the famous paradise for gay people! After living together on the island for a week, these boys...  

The protagonists of this film are a group of gays from ethnic minorities who have no money and average stature, especially the gays at the bottom of the food chain. Faced with the admiration of handsome white guys surrounded by rich and handsome friends, they doubted themselves all the way, "I'm like this Are people really unworthy of love?" The film is about two friends who go on a week-long vacation to the famous gay hideaway "Fire Island" on Long Island, New York, accompanied by cheap wine and an eclectic group of friends.

2.Survival Family

disaster family

when a worldwide power outage occur…"The Apocalypse" striking, a family of four escapes from Tokyo!

The film uses an exaggerated story setting to lead the audience to look directly at and reflect on the current life, which is profound and powerful. In the movie, the Suzuki family of four and all living beings are the same. They live as a matter of course with the convenience of modernization. Suddenly one day, people all over the world are caught in the dilemma of water and power outages, and the city is quickly paralyzed. The Suzuki family decided to ride a bike to the countryside. Escape from Tokyo. This movie is very different from the traditional disaster movie, it is more like a family history. In this fast-developing modern society, it is hoped that the distance between people will not be farther and farther.

3.Downton Abbey: A New Era

nobility classic

Downton Abbey: A New Era begins! Here goes the brand new era of the mansion and hidden family secrets...  

The film opens with a wedding, and ends with the death of the old Countess after the estate and the movie hit the manor. Finally, the birth of Tom and Lucy's daughter heralds the full opening of A New Era. After A New Era, the story of Downton Abbey can continue to be told, embrace the new era, or it can end there. After all, such stories, such civilizations, and such elegance belong to "yesterday's world". In short, everything is the best arrangement.

4.Late Autumn

Romance CP Mystery Tang Wei Hyun Bin

Tang Wei dated Hyun Bin for three days? The woman who killed her husband falls in love with professional liar. What happened within three days?

The film tells the story of Anna, who was imprisoned for murdering her husband and became a female prisoner. She did not get out of prison for seven years until one day because of the death of her mother, she had the opportunity to get three days of vacation. It was her first trip home in seven years. On the car going home, he met Xun who had no money to pay the fare. Anna helped him pay the fare and got his watch. The two met and fell in love for the next three days.