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The Father Imprisoned His Wife And Daughters Like Dogs For 20 Years! A Thriller Movie "Dogtooth"

1.Miss Baek

real family crime domestic violence

The female criminal and the little girl who was abused, hand-in-hand fought against destiny!

The girl Ji Eun has a father who often beats her while drunk, and a stepmother who likes to abuse her in various ways. When the child abuse may be exposed, the father and the stepmother thought of killing Ji Eun to silence. However, the heroine, Miss Bai, was abused as a child and went to prison for an attempted murder. After seeing a little girl abused by her family, she gradually developed sympathy, and the greatness of motherhood was reflected. The shared feeling for the abused made her accept the child completely, even willing to risk breaking the law to protect her. While saving people, the heroine also realizes self-help spiritually.

2.Nothing Serious

Romance CP Comedy Son Seok-goo Jeon Jong-seo

Son Seok-goo and Jeon Jong-seo accidentally fell in love? Will there be true love between those who met on the dating app?

The movie tells the story of the heroine Ziying, who decides not to establish a serious relationship after a dramatic breakup, and begins to look for a partner on a dating app. In this way, she is matched with Yuri, who works in a magazine and is assigned to write a love column. People are driven by loneliness and work to develop a romantic relationship that seems casual but also quite intimate. The core theme of the whole film is to trigger the audience to explore and think about their own life through this love story. Try to cross the hurdle in your heart, and after making a choice, set off to find the future you yearn for.


thriller moral ethics family oscar

Terrifying father imprisoned his kids for 20 years which led to jaw-dropping incest...

The film tells the story of a strange family isolated from the world. The family consists of a pair of parents, an eldest son, and two daughters. A family of five lives all day long in a big secret house. The three children have been isolated by their father since childhood. They cannot contact anyone other than their parents, and they know almost nothing about the world outside the high walls. After their father went to work, they would study and play with their mother in the house. All their knowledge is taught by their parents, and their father tells them that the outside world is extremely dangerous, and the children must wait until the "dog teeth" fall out if they want to get out. The father is the only one who can drive outside. He has a normal job and brings back necessities and rewards for the children. Satisfy the sexual needs of the eldest son. And her several arrivals are quietly changing the family.

4.The Dude in Me

Jin-young Comedy Fantasy CP First Love

Student switches body with gangster?High schooler Jung Jin-young exchange his life with mafia gangster?

The hero of the film, Kim Dong-hyun, is a fat, timid high school student, because he was going to pick up the shoes hanging on the antenna, and then he accidentally fell from the roof. On the body of the gang boss, so far, the two have completed the exchange of souls. The gang boss was seriously injured, but Kim Dong-hyun, a high school student, recovered quickly. However, at this time, his soul was the gang boss. After a series of events, the gang boss found a bigger accident when he was about to leave after finding out the truth! It turns out that her first love secretly gave birth to a daughter without telling her. And his daughter is actually a classmate of his body!