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A Prostitute, "Broker" And Cops, Such A Group Of Strangers Miraculously Reversed The Fate Of A Child!

1.Annabelle Comes Home

horror thriller conjuring classic

Ghost doll wakes up again, spirit party in the house...

The film begins with "The Conjuring 1". Annabelle was brought home by the Warrens and placed in the Warrens' museum. The storyline of the film is very simple. Annabelle, who was locked in a glass cabinet, was accidentally released. , it wanted Judy's soul, so it cooperated with the big and small demons in the museum to help it realize, and finally shut it back with the union of Judy, the nanny and Daniela, and the ghost storm that came out stopped. In just over an hour, Annabelle did not create a huge storm by herself like the previous work, but focused more on other ghosts in the museum, leading us to a general understanding of the various ghosts in the museum. This collection has laid the foundation for the subsequent opening of the Soul Conjuring Universe.


Hirokazu Koreeda Kang-ho Song IU crime kpop family heartwarming

Winner of the Best Actor of Cannes! Hirokazu Koreeda✖Kang-ho Song✖IU!

Two baby brokers and a prostitute almost become family, and they may already be family in a sense. This movie tells such a story! Sang Hyun runs a heavily indebted laundry. In order to give his ex-wife and his daughter living expenses on a regular basis every month, Sang Hyun and Dong Soo, who grew up in an orphanage, work for the "abandoned baby shelter" agency through Dong Soo. The opportunity to take away the abandoned baby unwittingly for reselling. One rainy night, So Young, a prostitute who should not have given birth to a child, threw her child into an "abandoned baby shelter". Her behavior was seen by policewoman Soo Jin and her subordinates, who had long noticed Shang Xian's role as a broker. Act, always looking for an opportunity to capture Shangxian on the spot in Shangxian's transaction. This rainy night became the starting point for the intertwining of the fates of the three groups of people, who seemed to be both evil and good.

3.The Princess

Action Thriller Violent Gore Royal Revenge

The Princess with the most proficient battle skill!

This is an action costume film that covers conspiracy and revenge. Because the princess was unwilling to marry a lord, the lord led his troops to capture the kingdom, and the princess fought back and killed the entire rebel team by herself. The heroine woke up from the coma and found herself tied to the bed. There were two soldiers, who should be guarding him. They were carefully scrutinizing her and plotting to do something wrong. She broke free and killed both soldiers. Then he met a Tauren Man in Iron Mask, who quickly killed the Tauren. The heroine hid in a secret passage in the palace, entered a room, and killed a warrior in golden armor. The rebel lord knew that someone was killing in the palace, so he let all the soldiers rush into the palace, the princess and her female teacher fought with the soldiers who rushed, and the princess used a soldier to kill the bottom. Then led the captured soldiers to resist together, and finally killed the rebellious lord and the lord's lover, and recaptured the castle. The father of the princess, the emperor decided to change his mind and cede the throne to his daughter.


race culture clash family

One bullet from the shepherd boy by accident, causing murder in three countries?

The film tells a story of separation and conflict, connecting four cultural models and the families within them through an accidental shooting. The camera constantly switches between the United States, Morocco, Japan and Mexico, and sometimes freezes on a specific cultural scene. The film presents a thought-provoking scene against a chaotic cultural background. It is a classic work with broad resonance. The cross-editing method of multiple clues in the film allows the audience to understand the differences between different national cultures at a glance. In particular, there is a sharp contrast between the lives of Moroccan teenagers who work as sheep herders and Japanese young people who love clubbing and entertainment. In the specific narrative, because it is an American film, the cultural differences are mainly presented through the perspectives of Americans and Westerners in the play.