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Newly Released Prisoner Fell In Love With A Woman Who Lived Alone With Severe Cerebral Palsy? Is It True Love Or Something Else? Korean Movie "Oasis"


crime vulnerable people touching romantic

The pure love of the disadvantaged and marginalized groups has become an atrocity in the eyes of ordinary people!

In this movie, the mentally handicapped male lead helped his brother go to jail. However, during his sentence, no family members visited him at all, so he came out in winter and wore the clothes he wore in summer. What is even more tragic is that after his release, not only did he find that the whole family had moved away, but he could not be reached by phone, as if the family had never had him. And the heroine is a girl with severe cerebral palsy. She was taken care of by her brother and sister-in-law after her father died in a car accident, but they occupied Gongsoo's disabled apartment, left her in the old house by herself, and paid a neighbor to cook for Gongsoo. . One of the marginalized people created by the director is an unemployed person who was released from prison after serving his brother's crime, and the other is the daughter of the deceased who was hit by his brother with severe cerebral palsy. It not only reveals the selfishness and hypocrisy hidden in human nature in the secular world, but also reflects the purity of their love between the two marginalized people. In the face of the continuous "desert" formed by secular prejudice, the two marginalized people use love for each other to create the movie. Only belong to each other's most beautiful "oasis".

2.Keys To The Heart

Vulnerable groups touching affection Lee Byung-hun

Autistic boy turned out to be a piano genius!

The male protagonist, Jin Zuhe, is a veteran who has retired for ten years. When he was very young, her mother ran away from home because she could not bear domestic violence, leaving him alone. By chance, he met his mother, whom he had not seen for many years, who invited her to live in the house she rented, where his half-brother also lived. Over time, he integrated into the restructured family and learned that his younger brother also had autism. But his younger brother is particularly gifted at the piano. He finally got on the big stage with the efforts of his younger brother, but unfortunately their mother got cancer.

3.The Con Artists

Kim Woo Bin Lee Hyun Woo crime theft comedy

South Korea's top thief stole 500 million worth of antiques in three minutes!

The film tells the story of a young and handsome "technician" who is known as the strongest mind in the theft world. No vault can beat him. He can also forge all information and formulate a leak-proof theft plan. He teamed up with the "controller" manpower deployment experts and the "invisible" super hackers to form the top "magic thief group" in South Korea. They tried to steal 150 billion won of black money from Incheon Customs, known as the highest security in Northeast Asia, within 40 minutes. The film escapes the heavy style of crime movies and injects a lot of entertainment and comedy elements, making the whole film light and witty without losing excitement.

4.Golden Slumber

crime suspense politics law

Ordinary citizens framed as murderers for witnessing the killing of the president!

The film, adapted from the Japanese novel of the same name, tells the story of an ordinary courier driver who, under the manipulation of the mastermind behind the scenes, witnessed a car bombing during a meeting with a high school friend, and the presidential candidate was killed on the spot. Almost at the moment of the crime, Jian-woo went from being a model citizen to being a suspect in the assassination of a presidential candidate, and then he escaped with the help of friends and people of all stripes. The movie turns a lot of the plot into a theme of friendship through a plot setting where little people get involved in a big conspiracy.