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The Controversial Film "London Fields" Has Been Cut For 42 Minutes! What Is The Reason Behind This?

1.London Fields

crime suspense lust war

The R rated movie by Amber Heard...Been cut for 40 mins... Look how can she play around three different men with the ability of foresee the future?

The heroine, Nicholas VI, has the ability to predict the future since she was a child, and Nicholas VI has predicted her future destiny since she was a child. She is in contact with three men at the same time. She knew that on the night of her 30th birthday, she would be killed by one of the men in a black car, but Nicholas VI couldn't see him, but Nicholas VI knew that the person who wanted to kill him would kill him in advance. Appearing in a bar called the Black Cross, Nicholas VI knew that the arrangement of fate was unavoidable. Even if he knew all the details of the future, it would be difficult to get rid of the arrangement of fate.


horror crime suspense thriller supernatural

Girls hired a medium and accidentally summoned the real evil spirit?

The film mainly tells about six friends who found a soul during home isolation and wanted to perform a seance ceremony in some ways, but things did not develop as they imagined, and every evil spirit invaded their home. a series of stories. The film tells about their activities during this period by shooting video chats, and digs deep into their inner world through activities. The surface is to call the spirits, but it is to express the emotions and people hidden in their hearts. , Every time they have mood swings, they think of the people and things they have passed, mostly regret and pain. Souls just re-present everything they don't want to mention or lose.

3.Pet Sematary

Horror Crime Mystery Thriller Supernatural Pet

Little girl was buried in the Sematary and resurrected by its magic. But she killed the whole family afterwards...

At the beginning of the movie, it depicted a scene, deep in the forest, desolate, burning houses, car windows with blood stains, and footprints with blood on the door, all seem to tell that there was an accident here, thus bringing out the following story. Louis moved with his family to a rural town. Everything looks beautiful. The next day mum Rachel and daughter Ellie heard strange noises as they were tidying up their new home. Following the sound, I saw a child wearing an animal mask pushing a cart with a pet corpse. That night, Ellie asked his parents why pets had shorter lifespans than humans? Mother Rachel was obviously reluctant to talk to her more, and was reluctant to tell her about the death.


oscar horror crime suspense thriller

The NO.1 fan killed her idol herself...The nurse fell in love with her favorite writer yet prisoned and killed him?

Famous writer Paul completed his new work and happily handed in the manuscript to New York. Unexpectedly, he encountered a blizzard and overturned the car. At this time, Annie appeared. After saving the writer, Annie was very friendly because she used to be a nurse. Because of this, the dressing is very skilled. Because Paul wrote her favorite character to death, Annie in a rage doesn't feel like a woman at all. She first broke Paul's legs to prevent him from escaping. In the follow-up, Paul was forced to rewrite the ending and shot all the police officers who came to investigate, but at the end of the story, Paul and the maniac Annie, a maniac, had a fight, killing Annie, and Paul finally escaped from the tiger's mouth.